Freedom of Speech

Ashlee Shoup A1

What is it?

A right guaranteed in the first amendment of the Constitution draws many controversial statements about the implementation of this issue on the society of America. Some people believe that the freedom of speech is something that can not be controlled, period. They believe anybody should be able to express their thoughts in any way they choose regardless of what it is. Since this is a founding issue of our country most agree in the idea, but many criticize that it needs to be limited in the way to protect the safety of other people. For example, some believe it is not acceptable to yell "fire" or "bomb" is a crowded area for the chaos that can erupt and injure people (Freedom).

What Group?

Adulthood is impacted by this idea because as adults they are able to begin to voice their opinion and really make them known and act upon them. Adults are the main decision makers in our society so this is most influential on their age group. Teenagers are not so much affected because as teenagers are rights are usually suppressed in many more ways then most groups. Although we are forming certain ideas and opinions we go to school, or live with our parents that overrun our voice.

Mass Media

Mass Media shows why it is only important to limit the speech of citizens if it is harmful to others. Synder v. Phelps proves that even when the speech is so outlandish and disrespectful as long as it does not have a tangent to violent behavior it will be accepted. Westboro Baptist Church is known for its extremist views about homosexuals and why everything that goes wrong in our country is because we tolerate it. They protest at funerals and other sensitive events and proclaim ideas like "Thank God for IED's" and "Thank God For Dead Children." The Mass Media showed how even if the ideas they wish to prevail are not accepted they have the constitutional right to speak their mind and that will be protected, no matter how hated they are (Freedom).


Schools are also big into limiting free speech to appropriate and positive comments. They undermine your real right to say what you want as long as it does not cause violence. Schools holds true to the idea of "if you don't have anything nice to say do not say it at all." Cyberbullying is a big issue that comes about with the freedom of speech. Schools say that the right needs to be limited because many students are begining to become violent, not only to others but to themselves based on the comments they receive online (College). Even our school pushes its students to try and think of limitations to put on freedom of speech showing they believe that limitations need to be set making the idea bias to the students who have never previously thought of the issue.

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