Mrs. Scott's Kindergarten Spot

March Newsletter

Important Dates

March 19-20: No School

March 26th: Family Night at Madison, 5:30 - 7:00

March Learning Goals

Language Arts

  • Read level B/C books or higher
  • Read 40-50 sight words
  • Identify characters, problem/solution, sequence events, main idea and details of non-fiction books
  • Make connections when reading, to yourself and concepts we are learning about
  • Write sentences with finger spaces, capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end
  • Write sentences with descriptive words, and write multiple sentences about a topic.
  • Rhyme and learn word families (at, an, ack. . . )
  • Read beginning blends and digraphs: bl, cl, pr, tr. . . or sh, th, ch, wh


  • Counting to 100 or higher
  • Reading randomized numbers to 100 or higher
  • Add and Subtract using objects, pictures, or a number line and knowing whether to add or subtract by the symbols +/-
  • Addition Math Facts 1-10 (2+0=2, 1+1=2, 0+2=2) using objects to keep track is okay
  • Write and read math story problems
  • Make and Read patterns (aabaab, abcabc, growing by 1 more)
  • Sort by color, size, or shape
  • Know numbers 1 more and 1 less

Kid Comments

Shane: Challenged the students to label all of the pictures in their word work! The kids met his challenge, then came up with more learning goal challenges of their own!!

Nydia: After our discussion of cleaning up well after group work, Nydia, took time to tidy up then looked around the classroom and state: "Our classroom looks so pretty when it is all cleaned up and everything is where it belongs."

All of the students: Have been wonderful care takers of each other, helping other students, being kind and thoughtful, and helping take of our classroom!