Wanted: Samurai



· Know the Warriors Code

· Understand the history of the Samurai

· Be a weapons expert

· Be noble

2. Education Credentials

· Training to become a samurai warrior must have begun during childhood

· Classes needed

o Physical training, Chinese studies, poetry and spiritual discipline

· Must have studied

o Kendo ("the Way of the Sword"), the moral code of the samurai, and Zen Buddhism

3. Duties

· Live their life according to the ethical code of bushido

· Follow my commands

4. Proper conduct of a Samurai

· Knows the importance of service to their master and country, to be loyal to their leader and have honor in every aspect of life

5. Weapons needed

· Swords, Bow and Arrows, and Spears

6. Compensation (pay/benefits a Daimyo would give to a Samurai).

· Paid in rice, can carry swords around everywhere they go

7. Personal values as a Samurai

· Respectful, loyal, self-disciplined and have an ethical behavior