The Warrior Weekly

December 6 - 10, 2021

A Note From Mr. Neufeld

It is hard to believe that we are already in December! Though we are not back to “normal” yet, it has been wonderful to see and hear many of the sights and sounds of school returning during our first term, particularly those experiences that our students did not have access to last year. Some that have jumped out at me include:

  • volleyball players practicing and competing in the gym,

  • singers singing and musicians playing their instruments,

  • friends playing with each other outside,

  • actors collaborating to develop scenes to share for others,

  • students playing board games together

  • groups collaborating in classes,

  • readers wandering in the Learning Commons trying to find their next favourite book,

  • chefs cooking fajitas and taco salads in Human Ecology,

  • woodworkers cutting, sanding, and racing wooden cars in Tech Ed

  • students designing and problem solving in the Maker Space

It’s great to see these experiences returning to MMS!

At MMS, we greatly appreciate and value the team relationship between school and home as we work together to support our students’ achievements. We are looking forward to meeting with parents on Wednesday, December 8 between 4:30 and 7:00 to talk about your child’s strengths and challenges, as well as the necessary next steps to meet and overcome those challenges. While we have this time specifically set aside to meet with parents, please remember that we are more than happy to connect with you at any time to talk about your student; feel free to contact your student’s teacher or a member of our Student Care Team by phone or email.

We are especially thankful for the generosity of the Mitchell community as our Community Christmas Food Drive has wrapped up today. We feel so fortunate to have been able to support Southeast Helping Hands in their important work with our community during this Christmas season - today we filled a whole minivan with the donations that you contributed this week. Thank you!

Important Dates:

December 8th, 2021- Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

December 16th, 2021- Virtual Christmas Concert performed- Link provided for viewing.

December 22nd, 2021- Last Day of Classes before Holiday Break.

Virtual Parent Teacher Interviews

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with the families of our students on the evening of Wednesday, December 8th to talk about your child's progress in Term 1. Due to ongoing COVID 19 concerns, our Term 1 Parent Teacher Interviews will again take place online, using video conferencing, or by phone.

Appointment bookings will open on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. on the Parent Portal. Further instructions will be provided next week.

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MMS Virtual Christmas Concert

MMS Grade 5 and 6 Music and Grade 7 and 8 Band classes are preparing for a VIRTUAL Christmas Concert! Recording day will be December 16 and videos will be released shortly after. Students are encouraged to dress up like they are performing in front of a live audience.

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Steinbach Arts Council

At the Steinbach Arts Council, we're working to make physical, mental and creative wellness a reality in all our programming. Find a class that will challenge and keep you inspired in the cold, winter months!

Visit our website for a full list of winter programs, keeping you safe, healthy and creative, all season long! Looking for free after school arts programs? Explore or call 346-1077 for more info.

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Lost and Found

Please encourage your child to check the lost and found for any sweaters or jackets that they may be missing. The lost and found is located on a coat rack outside of the learning support room. Smaller lost and found items (keys, jewelry, etc.) can be found at the secretary's desk in the office.

Bus Loop Reminder

Please remember that the Bus Loop is for Bus access only at any time of the day. Thanks for helping us keep our kids safe.

Please keep the North entry to the bus loop clear, as the buses are finding it difficult to make the turn into the drop loop. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Parent Portal Permissions

New forms have been added to the parent portal. Permissions need to be completed each year for each student. These forms can be located in the parent portal and can be approved digitally on that site.

In addition, you will find an updated Technology Use Agreement which will need to be accepted. The expectations around cellular devices has been developed for all students in Hanover School Division.

New Volunteer Procedure for 2021-2022

MMS is looking forward to welcoming volunteers back into the school this year. However, Hanover School Division has paused volunteer access to schools to start the school, with some limited exceptions. If you hope to support the school this year by volunteering your time, please take note of the following new expectations for school based volunteers, that have been established by Hanover School Division.

Please be aware that there is a delay of about 6 weeks to process all applications, and volunteers will need to wait until their application is processed by the RCMP before you can begin to volunteer.

Volunteers who currently have an approved Child Abuse Check in our database, only need to apply for the Criminal Records Check to complete their permissions. Once the Criminal Records Check has been completed and submitted to the school, the volunteer can proceed to volunteer. More information and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Hanover Website at this link.

All new volunteers must complete a CRC and a CAC.

The process to complete the Criminal Records Check for school start-up September 2021.

  1. The forms that volunteers need to complete are the Criminal Record Check and the Child Abuse Check

  2. Once you have completed the paperwork, please return the paperwork to the Mitchell Middle School for collection.

  3. The school will collect all forms and then drop them off at the appropriate RCMP detachment.

  4. Once the detachment has completed the paperwork, they will contact the school and let them know that all paperwork has been completed.

  5. The school will then email the parents informing them that they must go and pick up their paperwork with ID and then drop the approved CRC at the school office.

    1. Wait time is currently at 6 weeks.

Leaving School Grounds at Lunch

Please be reminded of the following policies for our students at lunch time

  • students who go home for lunch each day are dismissed at 12:15. They are expected to remain home for the lunch break, and return for 1:10 pm to rejoin their classes.
  • students who wish to go to the CO-OP at lunch require a note or email from their parents that is given to the homeroom teacher in the morning. MMS requires new permission each time a student wishes to leave at lunch time. When they leave, they should sign out at the office, and sign in when they return.

Important Information about MMS

Good information on the school website

To stay on top of everything MMS please follow these sites.

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