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Friday, January 23

Thank you for a wonderful week here at Hosp!

Have a great weekend!


PTA General Meeting/1st Grade Choir on February 3rd! 6:15- PTA 6:30 Choir.

Choir to sing at Legends Game February 4th!

Walk to school day February 11th

Valentine's Day Parties February 13th at 2:00

FISD Counselor's Week, Week of 2/2

5th Grade Students Visit Pioneer, 9 am on 2/10

Prospective Pioneer Parent Information Meeting, 6 pm at Pioneer on 2/10

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Car Pool Questions

With the colder weather there has been a significant increase in the car pool use. I just wanted to share a couple of notes and answer a few questions that come up!

1. Who decides how car pool works and the layout?

This is done by the City of Frisco Engineers, Frisco Police, FISD Security, and Hosp Administration. All possible scenarios are discussed before being decided upon. We met last May and the current layout was presented to Mr. Else. After discussing other options this was determined to be the most effective and the safest!

2. What about on bad weather days?

On those cold rainy days like Thursday there is NO change to car pool. The staff remains outside until car pool is complete. We try to be sensitive to those who are in line. However, if you arrive after 7:50 it is technically a "tardy".

3. Why can't I just drop off in the front?

Again, safety. Stopping and dropping off in the font actually slows down the line significantly. When you drop off in the front everyone else behind you has to wait. Please use the back drop off until 7:50. After 7:50 students can be dropped off in the front and will need to check in at the office and they will receive a tardy slip.

4. What if I have a morning meeting with a Hosp staff member?

Please park in the front parking lot and let the staff know that you have a meeting.

Safety is our number one priority. I also encourage you to arrive prior to the 7:40 "rush". Often between 7:20- 7:30 we have very few cars in line.

Please remember that all information regarding drop off is on our website and has been posted all year.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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