Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 1, Edition 1, January 2020

Back to School 2020

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Happy New Year to all Parents, Caregivers and the young men of Argyle. I'm sure the Christmas vacation period has treated you all well and our boys are feeling refreshed, excited and ready to face the challenges of the 2020 hostel and school year.

I hope all senior students are pleased with their external NCEA grades released a fortnight ago. All senior students who chose to remain in the hostel for the supervised study sessions worked conscientiously throughout the study leave period of NCEA examinations in November, so I am sure their results will reflect their positive approach towards their study.

It has been a busy time here at Argyle and Grove over the entire holiday period with numerous painting and maintenance projects completed. The senior lounge has had a complete upgrade with new carpet, kitchen cabinetry, lino, painting and a lounge suite arriving in 3 weeks. The rooms in Dorms 2, 3 and 4 have been painted throughout with the cabinetry removed above each bed, and Dorm 3 has been re-carpeted. The maintenance team have repaired all wardrobe door hinges and the drawers have new runners. The dining room has been painted and re-carpeted. The Domestic Wing rooms have had the wallpaper removed and painted. The main reception foyer area has been re-carpeted and painted, so the hostel is looking in good shape ready to receive the new influx of boys this weekend.

Please find below a few reminders to ensure all families, both current and new, are well prepared for your son's arrival into Argyle House or Grove.

The staff and I look forward to seeing you all as you arrive to return your sons to Argyle or to hand them over to us for the very first time. There will be a few nervous young men who will be thinking about their first day here, but they will be well guided by staff and our senior leaders to ensure their induction is one where they settle quickly.

I know some new boarders won't have their blazer ready when they arrive. We understand that this can take time, so I would request that your son turn up in his number 1s - black trousers, white shirt, school tie, black socks and black lace-up shoes.

A photo will be taken of all Year 9 boarders with their family on Monday 27th January, as soon as they arrive, wearing their number 1s. This will be printed then posted home with the letter they will write home on Tuesday after school, as they share with you their thoughts and feelings of their first night staying in Argyle and their first day at school.

If you have any questions about the beginning of the year then please feel free to contact me on my mobile number below.

Matua Mita Graham (Senior Master) is looking forward to working with the 14 Years 12 & 13 Prefects and Senior Leaders this year. The staff look forward to their arrival at 4.00pm on Sunday 26th January. Matua Graham is currently away coaching the NZ U20 Touch team in Australia so I will spend some time on Monday morning preparing our senior leaders for the arrival of the Year 9 boarders later that day, discussing likely scenarios they will encounter in their dorm and how best to manage them should they arise.

Enjoy the final few days with your son at home. We look forward to working with all boys for what will be a busy and exciting first 3 weeks as the new boarders follow their induction programme aimed to help them settle in as quickly as possible to hostel and school life.

Kind regards

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

The Beginning of the New Hostel & School Year, Term 1 2020:

Arrival Days, Times & What to Wear

It is an exciting time for our 47 new boarders, 39 of them at Year 9 level and 6 new international students, who will all be looking forward to their new life at Argyle House and Hamilton Boys' High School.

A reminder that all new boarders at Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 are to arrive at Argyle or Grove on the scheduled day that their year level is expected to return. See below.

All boys are to return to Argyle House or Grove wearing their full number 1s (blazer, white shirt, tie, black shoes and socks), well-groomed with a regulation school haircut on the following days:



4.00 - 5.00pm: Years 12 & 13 Senior Leaders & Prefects sign in at Argyle or Grove

6.00pm: Dinner in the dining room for Senior Leaders & Prefects.

7.00 - 8.30pm: 10-Pin Bowling, Sky City

Monday 27th (Auckland Anniversary Day): YEAR 9 ARRIVE & YEAR 13 RETURN

10.00 - 10.30am: Setting up for the afternoon arrival of Year 9 & 13s.

10.30am - 12.00pm: Leadership Training for all Senior Leaders & Prefects with Mr Murray McKenzie (Head of Boarding) in preparation for the arrival of the Year 9 boarders that afternoon.

2.00 - 4.00pm: Year 9 and Year 13 boys arrive in their number 1s (blazer, white shirt, tie, black shoes and socks) and check-in at Argyle House (or Grove for Year 13s). Families are to park on the grass field in front of the hostel.

4.00pm: Welcome in the dining room. All staff and Years 12 & 13 Senior Leaders & Prefects in attendance.

4.30pm: All remaining Year 13s report to the hall to meet Mr Kirkham.

5.00pm: All parents/caregivers/families to have departed.

Tuesday 28th: YEAR 10 RETURN TO ARGYLE

First day of school for Years 9 & 13

8.45am: Year 13 meet in the school hall

10.30am: Year 9 meet at the Peachgrove Road entrance to Hamilton BHS for their official powhiri/welcome

5.30 - 7.30pm: Year 10 boarders to have returned (including all new boarders at Year 10)

Wednesday 29th: YEAR 11 RETURN TO ARGYLE

First day of school for Year 10

Normal timetable for Year 9

Year 13 to Leadership Camp

5.30 - 7.30pm: Year 11 boarders to have returned (including all new boarders at Year 11)

Thursday 30th: YEAR 12 RETURN TO ARGYLE

First day of school for Year 11

Normal timetable for Year 9 and Year 10

Year 13 return from Leadership Camp

5.30 - 7.30pm: Year 12 boarders to have returned (including all new boarders at Year 12)

Friday 31st:

First day of school for Year 12

Normal timetable for Years 9, 10, 11 & 13


I have attached below the 2020 Argyle Term Planner to aid all families with their planning for the beginning of the 2020 hostel and school year.

There will be 2 in-weekends for all new boarders, Senior Leaders & Prefects and Staff with designated on-site and off-site organised activities to aid the new boarders in settling in and to get to know each other as well as the Senior Leaders, Prefects and Staff.

The boys will be kept occupied to keep their minds off home and potential homesickness by engaging in a variety of activities which include: Mountain-Biking & Gondolas/Luge (Rotorua), Paintball, Rainbow's End (Auckland), HBHS Gymnasium & Pool activities, Hostel Tabloids evening, St Paul's Collegiate hostel challenge in Tug-O-War & Swimming, Orientation morning in town with Senior Leaders/Prefects, Movie Night


5.30pm: All boarders to have returned from weekend leave and signed in.

5.30 - 6.15pm: Parents/families BBQ for all boarders and their families, both new and current.

6.30 - 7.30pm: Matthew Allen Cup Swimming Sports event at the Hamilton BHS Pool complex. The final event of the evening is a Staff, Parents, Year 13 swimming relay, so bring your togs!

Personal Presentation When Returning to School

Hamilton Boys’ High School insists on high standards of personal presentation and we ask for your assistance with this. We ask all parents/caregivers to attend to hair and uniform issues with their sons over the next few days, so they come back to school ready for work and prepared in their presentation. Jerseys, shirts, shorts, trousers and socks may need repair.

Boys need an appropriate hair cut to ensure their hair is short back and sides and of even length. Students whose hair is longer than regulation may incur a detention (see below for regulation details).

Socks –Boys’ socks need to be long enough to pull up to the knees. If socks do not reach the knees they need replacement. Garters should be purchased or made to assist with this. The School Shop provides free garters with the first pair of socks sold. Garters are also available for sale at $4 a pair.

Shoes - Must be black, leather, lace-up, clean and shining. If sandals are worn, they must be the standard black or brown Roman style and must be in good repair.

Jackets - If your son chooses to wear a jacket, it must be the official school jacket.

Lost Property – This is held in the Student Services Centre. Lost property will only be held for four weeks. Please make sure all clothing is labelled to make it easy to return to your son. The person in charge is Mrs Margaret Clark Tel: 853 0440

Labels - Naming Uniform – we ask parents to name all school uniform. Shoes can be labelled as well. Two label companies are listed for iron-on or stitch labels:

1. Logo Express, Centreplace ph 838 3688
2. for online ordering

Hair – is to be short, neat and tidy, of even length, following the natural hairline above the collar, ears and eyebrows. Hair must not be braided, dyed, waxed, straightened, nor be tied, spiked, or cut with ridges. All students are to be clean-shaven.

Hairdresser – Our School Hairdresser is available for bookings. Pay $15 at the School Shop and a time will be arranged for your son within the school day.

Thank you for your assistance and for checking your son when he leaves for school and returns home each school day.

Kind regards,

Deans Network

Presentation when returning to Argyle and Grove, especially black trousers, as part of their number 1s

What I have written below was sent out to all parents/caregivers in my final newsletter, December 2019. Please read carefully with your son and please ensure he signs in on day one wearing the correct black trousers as part of his number 1s, along with a white shirt that his top button can still be done up. Thanks for your support.

Dress & Grooming

The staff at Argyle House and Grove have become increasingly concerned that some students are flaunting the rules when it comes to presenting themselves correctly during the normal school day and especially when they return from weekend or overnight leave in their number 1s.

The boys represent the hostel and school when in the public eye, so it is important they are well-groomed, as they are our greatest advertisement. The boys are often reminded at our weekly house meetings about the responsibility they have to wear their uniform correctly and proudly outside the hostel. This also includes being cleanly shaven and having a regulation hair cut that complies with school policy.

One of the current trends is for some boys to purchase long black pants that are tapered, as part of their number 1s. Tapered, tight-fitting long black pants are not part of their number 1s. The pants must be loose-fitting around the thigh and calf. If your son has these pants then please ensure he returns with the regulation long black pants on his return. Our boys need to all dress following the correct code so we all look the same. Failure for your son to adhere to the dress and grooming rules from the beginning of term 1 2020, will result in stepped consequences. See below.

We don't want our standards to slip as the hostel should be setting the tone and standard for the rest of the school, we all believe here as a staff. Please have a conversation and check with your son over the holiday period to ensure he has the correct uniform items and returns clean-shaven with a regulation haircut. Check also that his neck hasn't swelled over the holiday period preventing him from being able to do up the top button of his white shirt. Our boys do grow quickly! All top buttons must be done up with their tie covering the top button.

Thank you for your continued support. I'm only talking to 9-10 families, as the other 158-9 comply and look perfect always.

Page 24 of the Argyle Manual 2020:


Boys wearing their regular school uniform must make every effort to ensure that their uniform is clean and tidy at all times. It is expected boys wear their footwear correctly and have school uniform shirts tucked in and socks up. Failure to comply will result in an instant 30 minute job i.e. do Lunch Duty, Kitchen Bins, vacuuming and a ‘strike’ to be recorded on the strike sheet. A third strike will result in the student being issued with a Community Service to be recorded in Boardingware.

At the end of each term this re-sets.

Consequences for a student failing to wear their socks up or have their shirt tucked in at morning check-off and/or in the dining room:

  • First strike = 30 minute instant job, recorded in strike folder.
  • Second strike = 30 minute instant job, recorded in strike folder.
  • Third strike = Community Service, recorded in strike folder & recorded on Boardingware

Boys signing out for general leave when not in uniform must wear tidy casuals. Offensive language on any items of clothing or bags is forbidden at all times.

Boys wearing their number 1s (formal travel uniform i.e. blazer, black trousers, white shirt, tie) must ensure their top button is done up, their tie is pulled up to cover their top button, their black trousers are the regulation trousers (and are NOT tapered), they wear ankle-length black socks and black shoes, are clean-shaven and their hair is a regulation cut and length (as per school policy) and they have all parts of their uniform on i.e. including their blazer.

If a student presents himself to the Duty Master and is not correctly groomed when he departs or returns from overnight and/or weekend leave, then he will be issued with a uniform ‘strike’, which will be recorded in the ‘Uniform Strike Folder’ in a drawer beside the Masters’ desk, as well as being recorded in Boardingware.

Failure to comply with the correct grooming and dress standard when wearing number 1s, the following consequences will occur, over the whole year:

  • First strike = 30 minute instant job, recorded in strike folder & recorded on Boardingware
  • Second strike = Community Service, recorded in strike folder & recorded on Boardingware
  • Third strike = Community Service, Gated for 5 days (Mon-Fri 3.15pm), recorded in strike folder & recorded on Boardingware
  • Fourth plus strikes = Community Service, Gated for 7 days, recorded in strike folder & recorded on Boardingware"

Clothing numbered and labelled

Over the holiday period can you please ensure ALL clothing is numbered with your son's laundry number, and initialled, if possible. Having the number clearly labelled is what Kaye Nonoa, our Laundress, would prefer. Please check and re-do all numbers on all clothing items before returning in 2020. Thank you for your support, as there is a continual pile of unnamed clothing that sits in the laundry that remains unclaimed.

2020 Argyle Manual, 2020 Grove Manual & 2020 Term Planner with Key Dates

The 2020 Grove Manual and 2020 Argyle House Manual, along with the 2020 Term Planner with all key hostel dates, have now been placed online, at the bottom of the 'Boarding' page on the school's website: No hardcopies will be posted out.

I have attached these 3 documents below. Click to view and/or download and print.

Prefects and Senior Leadership Group 2020: Returning Sunday 26th January 4.00 - 5.00pm

Please return in number 1s to either Argyle or Grove between 4.00 - 5.00pm and sign in with the Duty Master.

Dinner is being served in the dining room from 6.00pm, followed by an evening 10-Pin Bowling at 'Sky City'.

The leadership training commences with Mr McKenzie from 10.00am Monday morning, as Matua Graham is in Australia coaching the NZ U20 Touch team.

The following 14 appointments for 2020 have been made after being offered to, and accepted, by the boys back in November 2019:

Year 13

Head Prefect: Harry Russ (Year 13), House Captain

Deputy Head Prefect: Lachlan Roose (Year 13), Deputy House Captain, Matthew Allen Cup

Deputy Head Prefect: Aaron Couper (Year 13), Publications and Administration

Head of Grove & International Prefect: Max Chow (Year 13)

Head of Bennett House: Angus Valler (Year 13), Matthew Allen Cup

Head of Sutherland House: Cole Northcott(Year 13), Matthew Allen Cup

Year 12

Prefects: Ethan Barton, Sam Boros, Keegan Caines, Levi Cressy-Baggott, Thomas Hayward, Takoha Lunjevich, Gus Nelson, George Reeves

Harry Russ (Year 13), Head Prefect, from Te Awamutu

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Year 13 Prefects & Senior Leaders 2020

Year 12 Prefects 2020

Leavers over the Holiday Period

Sadly, we farewell Austin Lupton (Year 13), Jayviar Waea-Allen (Year 13) and Eiji Johnson (Year 13), all of whom withdrew from Argyle House and Hamilton BHS over the holiday period. We wish them all the very best for life beyond Argyle.


Over the holiday period our Weekend Matron, Ms Hilary Teokoitu, resigned from her position, with an appointment still to be made.

Our Laundress, Mrs Kaye Nonoa, has also resigned. Our previously retired Laundress, Mrs Sonia Tynan, will return to the Laundress role in the meantime, as a temporary measure.

Mr Zac Rodber, from England, has arrived to begin his role as the new Grove Assistant Master.

Some of the Maintenance Projects Completed over the Holiday Period

Achievements at the end of 2019:

Hamilton BHS Junior Prizegiving, Thursday 5th December 2019 - Band, Subject & Academic Excellence Prizewinners from Argyle House Students:

Band Prizewinners:

Year 9

Sean Witters, 1st in 933

Rangiwai Lunjevich, 3rd in 932

Raharuhi Palmer, 2nd in 932

Hamiora Riki-Pahewa, 3rd in 927

Year 10

Oliver Ingram, 1st in 1029

Leo Scott, 3rd in 1024

Rupert Nielsen, 2nd in 1016

Joshua Syme, 3rd in 1012

Luke Haddon, 2nd in 1012

Jack Broomfield, 1st in 1012

Subject Prizewinners:

Joshua Syme, Year 10 Adventure-Based Learning

Jack Broomfield, Year 10 German

Rupert Nielsen, Year 10 Graphics & Design

Rupert Nielsen, Year 10 Technology Metal

Overall Academic Excellence Awards:

Ashan Barr, 3rd in Year 10

NZ Secondary Schools' U15 Sevens Tournament, 3rd Place. Caelys-Paul Putoko (Year 9) makes the NZSS U15 Tournament Team

Thurs 28th & Fri 29th Nov, Auckland

Pool Play:

Vs Tauranga Boys’ College, Won 31-12

Vs Palmerston North BHS, Drew 12-12

Quarter-final: Vs St Kentigern College, Won 24-14

Semi-final: Vs St Peter’s College, Lost 14-17

No 3rd/4th Play-off, finished 3rd equal

NZ Representatives:

U15 Tournament Team: Aki Tuivailala, Caelys-Paul Putoko

NZ Secondary Schools' 'Condor' Sevens, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Sat 30th Nov. & Sun 1st Dec, Auckland

Went through tournament undefeated, 5th consecutive year winning this tournament, 7th title overall and are now the school with the most Condor Sevens victories and so becoming the most successful school since Condors started in 1986.

Pool Play:

Vs Mercury Bay Area School, Won 40-0

Vs Whangarei BHS, Won 50-0

Vs Gore High School, Won 38-5

Quarter-final: Vs Palmerston North BHS, Won 26-0

Semi-final: Vs Mt Albert Grammar, Won 47-7

Final: Vs King’s College, Won 27-12

NZ Representatives:

NZ U18 Selection for World School Sevens: Noah Hotham, Oliver Foote, Liam Wilson

Big picture
Argyle House students in the team were Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai (Year 13), Cody Nordstrom (Year 12) and Joeli Matalaweru (Year 13) and was coached by Mr Logan Asplin (Grove Master). Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead (Year 13) was the Assistant Manager for the duration of the tournament.
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Coach & Grove Master, Mr Logan Asplin, with Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead, holding the Condor Sevens Trophy, as defending champions.

NZ Secondary Schools' Touch Tournament, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai (Year 13) makes the Tournament Team

Fri 13th – Sun 15th Dec, Rotorua

Semi-final vs Tauranga Boys' College, won 12-5

Final vs Rotorua BHS, Won 8-3

Tournament team: Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai, Eifion Jones, Noah Hotham, Oliver Foote, Taha Kemara.

MVP Tournament: Noah Hotham

Big picture
Argyle House students in the team were Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai (Year 13), Cody Nordstrom (Year 12) and Takoha Lunjevich (Year 11) and was coached by Matua Mita Graham (Senior Master).

Tana Clapham, 1st Place, Surfing, December 2019

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What a great end to the year for Tana Clapham (Year 10), winning the U14 Overall trophy for Raglan Point Board Riders and placing 2nd in the Under 16 age group.

School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

Beginning of the School Year Information for all Students

Emailed out to all families by the school on Monday 20th January

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please find attached 2020 Beginning of the Year Information.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


School Shop Hours

Emailed to all Parents/Caregivers by the school on Wednesday 4 December

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The School Shop will be closing on Friday, 6 December 2019 at 12.00pm, for the remainder of the year.

The Shop will re-open on Thursday, 16 January 2020 with the following hours:-

16, 17, 20 & 24 January
7.30am - 3.00pm

21, 22 & 23 January
7.30am - 7.00pm

28 January - 7 February
7.30am - 3.00pm

10 February for the remainder of 2020
7.30am - 12.00pm

12.00pm - 12.30pm (Closed)
12.30pm - 1.30pm

Liz Caskey

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie (Te Kuiti)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mr Alistair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email