By Jake Ackerman

What is Coperniciums periodic table information?

Well it is located in column 12, is in the seventh period, and it is a transition metal. Copernicium has an atomic number of 112 and its mass is 285 u. Coperniciums electron count is 112, proton count is 11, and neutron count is 173. The sybol for copernicium is Cn

Where can you find Copernicium, and what are some characteristics?

You can find copernicium in 4 different places. These places are Earth's crust, seawater, the atmosphere, and the sun. But sadly copernicium has no uses. A characteristic of copernicium is that it is a synthetic radioactive metal.

What are coperniciums physical and chemical properties?

Physical properties- Its density as a solid is 16800 (predicted) kg m-3, and its molar volume is 17 cm cubed. Chemical properties- atomic weight is 285, and its phase is a solid.

What is Coperniciums discovery information?

Copernicium was first made by research scientists led by Sigurd Hofman at the Heavy Ion research Laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany on February 9,1996. These scientists created it by bombarding lead nuclei with zinc nuclei in a heavy ion accelerator.
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