Mesopotamia 4


Question 1

Farming: planted wheat and vegetables. Raised sheep,goats,and cows. Hunted birds etc. Enjoyed fish,cheese,roasted duck,pork, and deer.

Agriculture: wove baskets from weeds and made pottery from wet clay.

Question 2

Poisoned fields was a reason for Mesopotamia to collapse. There is to much water coming to the crops and plants causing erosion,meaning no farming, so no food,meaning death because of starvation.

Question 3

Drunk milk, ate cooked vegetable stews. Ate fish, fruits, nuts, and cakes. Cakes: butter,cheese,dates,flour, and raisins.

Question 4

Because so Mesopotamia's climate, people in Mesopotamia don't want the plants to die because of dehydration and neither or the animals. They also lived closed to water so they could have a great water supply for food and wouldn't have to keep moving instead of settling.

Question 5

1. Flood the field with irrigation ditch.

2. Use plough threw field.

3. Use harrow to make field smooth enough to sow.

4. Use seeder-plough to drop seeds into ground.

5. Water field 3 times after previous step.

6.When crops are ready cut barley, get it together and departure it to threshing house.