How To Find Theme

My steps and examples

Step One: Read and annotate the novel

The first step to finding a theme is to read the story and ask lots of questions. (What types of questions? Examples of questions. Use questions from Seedfolks that you asked and why you asked them) There was a word that i didnt know and had a question and i looked it up on the internet and it gave me everything that i need. it gave me the deffination,it told me it was a noun, and it also gave me key terms fOR that word. i feel this tequnic really helped me a lot because i was finished with my reading and when i went back instead of sechering all over for the word it was right there thats why i think you should use my tequnic.

step two : ASK QUESTIONS

find answer to the questins that you asked. (go online and search a word thats you dont know, or look back into the text to find an answer to your question.)       In chaper one of seedfolks theres a part where kim walk by a picture of here father and she says "why can he notice me?" her father passed away whe she was a little girl. he was a big farmer she says, but she wants him to notice her so she goes out to the lot and plants a lima bean so if she does that she thinks that her father with notice her and be happy that she wants to be like him.


re-read the story and annotations (go back into the text and really look for more words or lines you havd trouble with. you can even ask a friend or group member to help you out!) This tequnic goes back to step one because its basicly the same thing. but the twist to it is when your done reading seedfolks go back and reread the whole chaper because it will show if you really did a close read. if your able to go back and know what every word means then you will be golden but if you dont you need to go back and look at the words.


Draw a conclusion. (go back re-read, look at the works you dont know and see if you can go back and see if you know what those words mean.) drawing a conclusion is really easy because youre going back and making sure you know what your doing and knowing if you know what events happened in the story.