Really Cool Title for Email Stuff!!

You need come to my event because you learn important stuff.

My digital foot print!

  1. About every website you visit will be easy to find out by others, this is called your digital footprint. Be careful, the internet is forever.

Fun place, totally not a boring.

Wednesday, March 18th, 11:45pm to Thursday, July 30th, 2:45am

Narnia Goat

Be there or be square! (Get it? Because you aren't a-ROUND) I'm cool. B)

More Important Information:

  1. Don't be a Cyberbully, not only will you most likely be caught and get into trouble, you're really messing with someone and most likely hurting them.

  2. Don't give away ANY personal information. Once people get that, they can and possibly will do many bad things.

  3. Don't buy things from the internet while using unreliable network connection.
    Not safe

  4. Don't post things that you wouldn't want you work to see.

  5. NEVER meet someone in person that you have met online.