Education Trouble in Malawi

In Malawi girls are not getting a fair education!

Education in Malawi dropping and trouble rising

Serena C.

Everyday girls are facing curveballs on their paths of life. Whether it's starvation or threats about their gender, this is causing insecurities. Many girls are dropping out of school at a very young age and this is the first of barriers stopping them from achieving their dreams. Many children are starving in the world and this is a big problem. This is affecting how they learn in school. Many have to walk up to eight kilometers to get to school, and then they do not have enough power and energy to learn for five hours due to lack of food. They are almost always walking home on empty stomachs. Without food there is no fuel to learn properly and their brains can’t function at their full potential. But the trouble is boiling up a lot worse for girls. Girls are forced to leave their education not to pursue great opportunities for their future, but to marry and have children. And all of this is happening at a very young age. They don’t go to secondary school and most likely don’t go back to school. Many girls are forced to take this path in their lives. Dropping out of school at a very young age is becoming a common thing. Because of these decisions, they can risk their health and even their lives. Girls are more likely to drop out of school than boys. The male literacy rate is far superior than the female literacy rate, and about 40 percent of the population in Malawi is unable to read or write. Education is a thing you can’t imagine your life without, it’s a huge block of your life. So what will you do to help?

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Facing Hurdle after Hurdle

Life changing decisions come with big consequences to uphold. That can put at risk many things for these girls' futures. Health issues are rising for every girl that drops out of school to get married and have children. This is happening because they are forced to take such a big step into their lives at such a young age. Dropping out of school is a huge thing to give up. They lose so much of the ability to grow and explore. But most girls are forced to take this option. There’s no choice, and they have to face challenging obstacles to overcome. They are missing out on important life skills, knowledge, and a chance to harness and find themselves as new people. Also, due to early marriage and pregnancy there is serious abuse towards these young women. All types of threats are violating these girls' lives, like their education or even their emotional insecurities. Really, they're even threatening girls because of their gender. The education is based on gender, and it's getting in the way of the girls' education. Why are there gender inequalities? Almost 60 percent of girls drop out of school. It's hard to believe all of this happens but it's all true. There are many barriers that force girls into doing something that leads to consequences that can be life changing for girls in Malawi.

The girl effect: The clock is ticking

Reaching out for help

There are thousands of problems in the world, and all are fighting through life. But finally there is a light for these girls that have been fighting and struggling on their journeys. The girls in Malawi can feel hope. Foundations are partnering up to change futures. With teamwork they are changing the world for girls in Malawi tremendously. UNICEF, UNFPA, WPA, and JPGE are taking action to explore girls' education. People are seeing the picture, the story of these girls, the sacrifices these girls take for their families. Now they won’t have to. Many communities are finding ways to help girls in Malawi so they can choose the path they decide to take. Many are in agreement and it looks like a whole new life for girls in Malawi. Organizations are just changing the journey for girls so they will succeed and accomplish their dreams. What touches my heart is the fact that people are making a whole organization, whole webpage, and blog about this problem. It is truly astonishing, it shows people care. It could be one of the most admirable gifts these girls can receive. So let’s reach out and change the world!

A bright future in Malawi

Look out, world, you are about to see a whole new future! The future is changing, Unicef is making this issue their priority. Organizations are working to end early marriage and end threats towards girls. They are working to ensure the change for girls in Malawi so they can enjoy life and learn. All are making sure the girls are the priority, they are the stars. For them to have a brighter future and accomplish their dreams. Many are encouraging girls and we hope this will end for all eternity. That the world can change and we can help. All the problems are getting attention and getting fixed. So how will YOU change the world next?

Where in Africa?

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Donate Now!

You want to see a bright future in Malawi? Well, you can donate today! Whether it is $1, $5, $50, or $100! Every dollar counts to change the world. You can visit Unicef's page and donate! Donating will change the world for millions of children!

Change the world

I hope after this you feel inspired. I want you to get up and stand up. You can change the world and conquer. There are so many issues all around the world. We are so fortunate to be able to live healthy lives where we can feel safe, and stand up for what we believe. Many in the world feel insecure, live through harsh events, and don't have enough to eat. Now it's our turn to change the world. Take action and don't look back, live life with no regrets. You will not regret taking action.
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