The Scoop

Mrs. Waterstredt's weekly newsletter


Math- This week we will continue to interpret reminders in division problems, we will also solve word problems with more than one operation (ex: division and addition). We will also spend time reviewing for the division test, which is planned for next week.

Science- This week we will look at parallel and series circuits.

Reading - We begin our third unit in reading this week. We will be reading informational texts. We will look at text features, make predictions, and determine how the information in organized.

Writing - This week we will publish and share our Literary Essays. Late in the week we will begin our fourth writing unit: Nonfiction writing. This ties in perfectly with our new reading unit as we will be analyzing informational texts before we begin writing.

Teacher Notes

As we begin our informational and non-fiction reading and writing units, I encourage you to read these types of books at home with your son/daughter. Have your son/daughter explain what the chart or graph means... and make sure they are reading all parts of the text!

The Scholastic Book Fair is open to parents during the following times:

Wednesday, December 17th: 3:00-6:00 pm

Thursday, December 18th: 1:00-8:30 pm
Friday, December 19th: 7:55-8:30 am AND 1:00-6:00 pm
Monday, December 22nd: 1:00-6:00 pm

Continue to encourage your son/daughter to utilize at home. This is a great way to practice exactly what we are doing in the classroom (E.11 is what we are currently working on). Students can also practice basic multiplication and division facts (D.1 & E.1)