By: Rita Jones

Language Country and Religion

Kissi is mostly found in Liberia. They ethnic group of Kissi speak Guinea and Sierra Leone. The type of religion they study is Islamic. The ethnic group believes in an ingrained belief in the intervention of mysterious forces in human affairs. They also believe in a supernational world.
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Type of food they eat

Meat or fish is used as a garnish or ingredient in the sauce rather than being the focus of the meal. In rural areas, people begin the day with a small meal of leftover rice or boiled cassava dipped in the sauce from the day before. Depending on the time of year and the work schedule, the main meal may be served at midday or in the evening. Snacks of mangoes, bananas, sugarcane, coconut, fried plantain or cassava, and citrus fruits may be consumed throughout the day. The main type of dish that they make is Fondue.
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Population, Types of houses, and Clothing

There is over 500,080 people in the ethnic Kissi group. The types of houses they have is made from used material. What i mean about used material is aluminum and other things like that. Some use nature material to build there houses. The types of clothing there were is like cloth just rapped around there whole body. The girls have to were it around there head while men don't have to.
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They were differnt types of customs to praise the princes that are to be. They also do for the type of god they believe in. They do this to make the god to try and notice them instead of others.

History of Kissi

The Gola and Kissi people are originally from modern-day Ivory Coast. The northen dialect of Kissi is spoken in Guinea and Sierra Leone. It often uses loanwords from the Malike and the Mende language. Kissi is a Mel languge of West Africa, closely related to Temne of Sierra Leone. The Kissi are well-known for making baskets and weaving on vertical looms. In past times the Kissi were also famous for their iron working skills,as the country and it's meighbors have rich deposits of iron. They can also make Kissi penny with the iron material. Europe made it very difficult after they combined all the ethnic groups. They all believed in different things. This causes them to argue and fight.
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