Desir de Chocolat

Par: Ashley Flickinger: Imaan Ahmed: Natalie Boland

Suisse Rouleau

Gateau de Savoie, De Sucre en Poudre, Framboises, Fromage a la creme

A delicious burst of flavor when you bite into this creamy desert, an airy, soft sponge cake while raspberries dance on your tongue and powdered sugar makes this scrumptious dish complete.

5 euros


Graines, Fruit, Avoine, Lait, ou yaourt

This breakfast dish is sweet and crunchy. The seeds and fruit add a pop of flavor to this dish. It makes it a great way to start your day.

6 euros


Chocolate et Bretzels

The chocolate covered pretzel is drowned in wonderfully sweet chocolate. The salty, crunchy, and sweet combination sparks your taste buds to life.

3 euros


Une miel et noyer remplissage, sur pate brisee

This sweet and flaky dessert is filled with honey and walnut filling. The filling will drip into your mouth making you want more.

9 euros (for entire pie) Ask server for individual slices



This creamy hot dish will make your mouth water when you smell the appetizing aroma. Our chefs create this oozing gooey cheese by heating it over a fire, just to give it that homey feel.

5 euros

Swiss Sandwhich

Baguette, Legume, dinde, fromage

As you bite into the chewy bread with all of the cheese, turkey and veggies, you are refreshed by this savory dish.

4 euros

Swiss Poire

Poire, creme fouttee, chocolat

The chilled whipped cream topping the crunchy and juicy pears, layered under chocolate and sugar is a divine dessert for everyone.

5 euros


passion fruit

The bubbly, fruity flavor of this sweet soda is delightful every sip you take. The summery taste of the passion fruit is so scrumptious that you will be wanting more.

2 euros


bacon, fromage, potatoes, and caramelized onions

This dish is made up of crunchy bacon, soft potatoes, warm, melting cheese, and sweet onions.


nouilles, fromage, pomme de taire, creme et onignon w/ ragoute pommes

This dish is much like macaroni and cheese but with potatoes, cream and onions. Cheesy goodness will seep into the chewy, warm potatoes. If you order this dish you won't regret it.

7 euros

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