Chinese History

China is a country with a long and rich history and ancient civilization. Chinese civilization began with the legendary sage-emperors Huang Di and Yan Di in the area of the Yellow River Basin. After centuries, the two tribes gradually merged into one by the time of the Xia Dynasty. Chinese people usually regard themselves as the descendants of Yan and Huang or call themselves Hua Xia People or Hua People. It was these people who established a state in the region of the Yellow River Basin – which was believed to be the center of the world, so the state was named “Middle Kingdom”.

The history of China is generally told from the Xia Dynasty, which began in the 21st century B.C. and was followed by various dynasties until 1912 when Dr. Sun Yat-sen was proclaimed the provisional president of the Republic of China.

Important Health Statistics

Birth rate: 12.17 births/1,000 population

Death rate: 7.44 deaths/1,000 population

Infant Mortality Rate: 14.79 deaths/1,000 live births

Life Expectnacy: 75.15 years

Hospital Bed Density: 3.8 beds/1,000 population

Daily Life in China

China is very similar to america, both being world superpowers

  1. Though there are still examples of traditional Chinese clothing most Chinese people wear clothes similar to like ours in america suits for business and jeans for pleasure.
  2. Some common jobs are that 45% of Chinese people are employed in service industries, while another 45% are employed in manufacturing.
  3. Chinese people travel in all sorts of different ways by bus, plane, cars, and trains this is because China is such a large and prosperous country
  4. Typical housing has been evolving over the last several years in china from agricultural based houses to inner city houses.

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Volcanoes in China

There are lots of volcanoes located around china but there has not been an eruption since 1952.