Captain Isaac Paine School

November Principal Update

November 1, 2020

Dear CIP Families,

Thank you for all that you do to support our students as we continue to work together through this unprecedented school year. The students are resilient. They are wearing their masks and following all safety and social distancing guidelines while on school campus. We got this TOGETHER! I am so proud of our school community!

Please continue to persevere and give us a Paine Panther ROAR from in person and from a distance.

Each and everyday will get better as we all adjust to our "new norm" of school. We are trying everyday to instill the laughter, joy, and a love of learning to all our students with every aspect of their instructional day. Adjustment will take time and patience. Thanks again for your cooperation.

Please contact Mrs. Soares or myself with any questions or concerns @ 647-5100 or via email @ and @


Mrs. Marcella Terranova Clark

CIP Principal


All CIP Staff and Families will receive an email/text with a COVID-19 screening form daily. The screening tool will have to be completed prior to your child or self arriving to school and/or boarding the bus. Parents/Guardians and staff will have to fill out the form daily. Please call the school at 647-5100 if you have any questions regarding the screening tool.

New Arrival & Dismissal Updates~

* Students, staff, and families are expected to wear masks at all times on the school campus and in the building.

Some Important Changes & Updates To Note For ALL CIP Families:


Arrival & Dismissal is one of my favorite times of day where I can greet students as they enter the building and say goodbye as they exit the building. This process has been efficient and smooth. We are going to gain some more instructional minutes starting on November 2nd!

As of 11/2/20, CIP doors will open for student arrival at 8:55 am. Please do not drop off students prior to 8:55 am without adult supervision outside. Adult supervision and doors will remain open from 8:55-9:10 am. If your child arrives after 9:10 you and your child will have to report to the main entrance/office. Virtual and In Person Learners will be marked tardy after 9:15 am and/or the start of morning meeting.

Please make sure your child is attending ALL Classes! Please have your child follow the schedule and be on time for all classes. Attendance is crucial to your child's education.

Dismissal will begin for parent pick ups at 3:15 pm; Last names: A-L: 3:15-3:20 pm and Last Names: M-Z: 3:25-3:30pm. Please remember your Picture ID!

Please wear masks and practice social distancing until you and your child are safely in your vehicle.

Bus dismissal will begin as bus transportation arrives. Hoping to have all students dismissed safely between 3:25- 3:30 pm from the building.

Please remember to send in your child's "yellow slip" for any changes in transportation.

*If you are "picking up" classroom materials please avoid arrival and dismissal times since this will interfere with safety. Materials can be "picked up" until 4:20pm daily.

All Materials will be placed in the front foyer by grade levels in bins. Please buzz the office to retrieve materials.

RI Department of Education & Health Playbook~

Updated COVID-19 Information for Families~



Attestation Form

Symptom Chart

COVID Information For Families

RI Department of Health Playbook-

This Playbook summarizes the steps that should be taken for a positive case, a probable case, asymptomatic, but not probable case, and a close contact. This is a document everyone should read so that you know your responsibilities.


Also, all information and copies can be located at our main entrance outside doors for families.


***Reporting Probable or Actual COVID-19 Symptoms to CIP:

If you are symptomatic, probable, confirmed, or a close contact please CALL THE NEW HOTLINE NUMBER: 1-401-217-5019...PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE OR TEXT!


Then email: Mrs. Clark @

and CC: the following email as well :


*Please use this hotline if your child is sick. Please remember to use the hotline and/or call the office if your child is absent in person or virtually before 9:15. Phone calls will be made by office staff for all absences and tardies.

*Please schedule all vacations in accordance with our school calendar. Please consult with The Department of Health with quarantine and testing questions and/or protocols.

Learning Option Changes~

December 14th marks the end of trimester 1. Please be on the "look out" for a Google Form that will be sent to all families if a Learning Option needs to be changed. Please keep in mind that safety and classroom space will have to be considered before any changes are made. Learning Option changes can ONLY be adjusted at the end of trimester 1 and 2 unless otherwise directed by the state department.

A Message From Our Bus Drivers~

All students need to have an adult present at their bus stop for am and pm. Students can not be boarding or exiting busses on their own since we do not have bus monitors in Foster.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Technology Issues~


*Please direct all TECHNICAL issues to Dr. Du. Please use this contact number:

(1-860-481-3797) You may text or call. Please do not call the school line.

CIP PTO Information~

Foster PTO Information~


Facebook: CIP Foster PTO-



School Year Board

President- Laurie Smith

Vice President- Rachel Rocchio

Treasurer- Stephanie Linhares

Secretary- Lisa Barrentine

***Next PTO Virtual Meeting: 11/18/20

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 847 5707 2475 Passcode: 827781

Important Dates~

  • October 30th- All School Spirit Day! Wear orange/black and "Halloween Wear".

  • Please no costumes! Save the costumes for Saturday!

  • November 3rd- No School For All Students & Staff- Election Day
  • November 11th- No School For All Students & Staff- Veteran's Day
  • Monday, November 16th- Distance Learning Day For All Students & Professional Development For All Staff
  • PTO Virtual Meeting: 11/18/20

Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 847 5707 2475 Passcode: 827781

  • November 25, 26, 27-No School -Thanksgiving Weekend
  • The Northwest Special Education Local Advisory Committee Meetings for the 2020-21 school year:

October 20, 2020

December 8, 2020

February 9, 2021

April 13, 2021

Sodexo Lunch Menu~

​November Lunch Menu

Free Meals Information

* Breakfast/snack is available as a "grab and go" in the am and lunch is a "grab and go" in the pm. Both are FREE to ALL students until June 2021 due to grant funding.

From The Nurse~

  • Please pack younger students an extra set of clothes in case of an emergency. Please return all medication forms and allergy forms to the clinic.
  • Please dress for the weather.
  • Please wash and hand sanitize hands frequently.
  • Please wash and replace face masks daily.
  • An Attestation Form is needed from ALL students who return from an absence.

School Calendar and NEW News!

School Calendar

Welcome Kristen Verducci! She will be our full time school nurse until the end of the school year!

*We are still searching for a part time art teacher. Please email Mrs. Soares @ if you are interested.

Fire, Safety, and Lockdown Drills

Fire, Safety, and Lockdown Drills

Fire, safety, and lockdown drills are necessary for the safety of students, faculty and staff. State law requires fifteen drills per year. These drills are crucial so staff and students know where to go and how to respond if there was ever an actual threatening situation. All safety procedures are reviewed annually with staff. The school will conduct 15 drills per year following the RIDE requirements and COVID protocols as well as safety guidelines.

A Paine Panther ROARS!

Mission Statement: At CIP we inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens in our community by providing a challenging and supportive environment!

A Paine Panther ROARS- Respect Others & Respect Self

Vision Statement: All students will become lifelong learners and demonstrate proficiency in academic based national standards. Students will be able to use a growth mindset to meet future challenges and make positive choices.

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