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Math Tasks

Reminder: Everyone should have Task Tuesdays up and running!

(or any day, as long as it's once a week).

Here is how you access the tasks online:

login: TNeducation

password: fastestimproving

Click on the Mathematics Tab

Then Click on the Curricular Resources and choose your grade level

Homework Passages

Don't forget to come to the book room for your weekly HW passages.

HW passages are availabe from Level 0 - 44 and we have enough copies for you to differentiate for all students.

COMP Strategies

We went to a COMP workshop designed for instructional coaches... so we'd like to include a quick tip for you to try:

Try revisiting your procedures after long weekends ... and don't forget SPRING BREAK.

We can help you develop procedures in your class if needed... we have some graphic organizers/ templates for step-by-step "how to's" for creating procedures.

Some Great Procedures The Coaches attended a COMP Workshop and we'd like to share with you a few things that we learned.

Some strategies are listed below:



Interactive Student Notebooks

What are they?

Almost every member of each team has become an expert on ISN's (Interactive Student Notebooks). Please discuss Interactive Notebooks in your next team meeting.


Resources for Teachers

Here are some resources we found to help you "work smarter, and not harder."

Our resources include links/ websites.