Scopes Monkey Trials

3 Important men during the Monkey Trials.

John Scopes

Famous for the Monkey Trials, John Scopes was sent to court hearing in 1925 located in Tennessee for teaching evolution over creationism in a public school. The Butler Act made Scopes doings illegal and resulted the man in being guilty as charged.

Culture that made up the Roaring 1920's

How was farming during this time era?

Despite agricultural overproduction and successive attempts in Congress to provide relief, the agricultural economy of the 1920s experienced an ongoing depression. Large surpluses were accompanied by falling prices at a time when American farmers were burdened by heavy debt. Between 1920 and 1932, one in four farms was sold to meet financial obligations and many farmers migrated to urban areas. With one-fifth of the American population making their living on the land, rural poverty was widespread. So, not everybody was able to participate fully in the emergent consumer economy in American. Apart from white farmers, African American and immigrants found this decade tough

The Jazz Era

Jazz music influenced all aspects of society. Jazz, poetry, fashion and industry were effected by the "basement" music that took the United States by storm. Jazz music also eased the racial tension in the post war period.

Letter to the editor


Im Ashlynn Kelley and there are a few things that are causing a problem in America. Prohibition has made drinking that contains more than 1% of alcohol illegal. This is a big problem right now and many things are resulting negatively. Men are showing up late and hungover to work or not even at and crime rates are going up. This is a bad time and these problems need to be fixed once and for all.


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An American Tragedy - Prohibition

The political cartoon above represents symbolism. Shown above, the statue of liberty is drowning in what looks like water representing prohibition. Known as the 18th Amendment, prohibition was a big problem in the united states and the cartoon above represents american (and its liberty) during a bad time.