2015 Year Review

Sports Marketing - Victor Blanco Pd. 6

Top three companies that marketed the best

1. Apple had a great year, they introduced their new products, the Apple Watch, and the Iphone 6s which were both very successful due to the effort they did in promoting on television and social media networks.

2. Amazon is one of the best websites I have ever used, easy to use, free 2-day shipping with prime, its a great deal and fun to use. I see them all over commercials on social media and television. They have over 2.2 Million followers on twitter which is massive for sales in my opinion.

3. McDonalds as we all know, finally introduced their all-day breakfast which was highly anticipated by their customers. It has been a success and McDonalds looks stronger than ever.

Best Products Of 2015


1- Apple Watch

2- Drones

Worst Products Of 2015


1- Hoverboard

2- Windows 10 Mobile

Top Movies And How They Were Marketed?

1- Mad Max: Fury Road: Mad Max was all over the internet and television for advertising, they even came out with a video game that helps the movie get bigger and better numbers.

2- Star Wars The Force Awakens: Star Wars is probably the most valuable movie franchise in history. This movie was breaking records this year and even a game released for the movie Battlefront which also sold really well, great advertising by them.

Top Music Artist Of 2015

1- Justin Bieber: He released a major album this year "Purpose", he's Bieber ..... his name markets everything that has to do with him, everyone knows him, simple as that.

2- Drake: He released a lot of mix-tapes this year, mostly free. He has a huge following on social media which obviously helped him with his success music wise this year.

Top 5 Songs Of 2015

1: Hello by Adele

2: Sorry by Justin Bieber

3: Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

4: Hotline Bling by Drake

5: What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

New Year's Resolution

  • Personal Improvement: Get more fit than I already am.

  • Family and Friends: Keep a close relationship with my family and choose my friends wisely.

  • School and The Other World: Improve my grades all-around, keep an organized life.