Digital Design 1

11/9 - 11/13

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Monday 11/9

Cornell Notes Lesson

Tuesday 11/10

Review notes and apply repetition strategies
Continue working on skills sections for Chapter 3

Wednesday 11/11

Do Now: Pop Quiz on Chapter 3
Review of Lesson 4
Independent work: All skills through lesson 4 should be complete

Thursday 11/12

Do Now: Review of Pop Quiz
Review of Study Guide
Independent work: Review notes and see Mrs Resto with questions

Friday 11/13

Do Now: Test on Photoshop Chapter 3 - Do not write on the test - Use a separate sheet of paper to record your answers. You MAY NOT use your notes, computer or textbook during the test.

Independent work: When you are done with the test begin recording vocabulary words for Chapter 4.

Reminder: Do not forget to turn in your corrected quiz from Thursday if you want me to adjust your grade (no late submissions allowed) and study guide for a completion grade. Turn it in the period 5 slot by Printer 1.