Dont wait vaccanite !

The urge to vaccanate your child?


When your child is ill with the chicken pocks or the flu, your usual response it to take them to the doctor to get them looked at, and get them vaccinated. With vaccinating you not only can get a lower their chance of getting a disease, but can also can stop them before there going to happen. Not getting vaccinated can put your child in a big risk of dying if their only so young. When getting vaccinate for younger children in can save them from getting bigger ricks in the future, and when their very young it can help cases like whooping cough, lime disease. So vaccinating has saved ten times more children and people then not getting vaccinated at all.

don't vaccinate !

When your child is sick or ill you usually think well lets take them to the doctor to get a shot. Well some people choose not to have their child vaccinated because of religion, or are just against it in general. Some parents think that they shouldn't get their child vaccinated when their child id young because the parents think that their child can get a disease or a disability like optimism. Usually that can only be worse for the child because they can live with a disease and not even know it. vaccinating your child is a yes and no but some people prefer to not vaccinate their child