Macbeth's Corruption of Power

By: Caroline Lonergan

Warning: Outbreak in the Kingdom!

If you are thinking about traveling to the kingdom, you might want to think again. After the tragic murder of king Dunkin people began questioning macbeths morals and integrity. The chief of police states "We began a background check on Macbeth to make sure he was suitable to protect the kingdom." Later, they told us that Macbeth had lied, cheated, and hurt others to get to where he is today. They requested that we look at other men in the kingdom before crowning Macbeth. When we told Macbeth that we had to delay his crowning he became extremely irate and frustrated. He furiouslly collected several hunderred men to rebell against the cittizens of cawdor. We advise you hold off any travels to the marvelous city because your life wil be at risk.

Macbeth Arrested For Multiple Charges

On June 5th, 1876 Macbeth was arrested for starting a rebellion, as well as, murdering two men. The chief of police from the town of Cawdor ran multiple background checks on him, and felt it was only right to do further investigations. After further investigating, the chief found that he was invloved in the murder of Banquo and King Dunkin. Macbeth has been sentenced to life in prison and will have to live with the pain and suffering he caused many other men. Clearly, Macbeths power corrupted his ambition and altered his overall integrity in a negative way.