My Book: The Hypnotists

Presented By: Amber Skonicki

I chose #1 which is the Story Board


The setting of the book is held in Manhattan, New York. The story takes place in today's time. Many of the events take place at Sentia or the main characters middle school. Sentia is an institute for advanced kids.

Main Characters

Jackson Opus
Jackson Opus, also known as Jax, is able to hypnotize people. He hypnotizes people by using his color changing eyes. Jax goes to Sentia to learn more about his special powers.

Dr. Elias Mako
Dr. Elias Mako is the villain in the book. He is the director of the institute that Jax goes to. In New York, Dr. Mako is very well known for his teaching.

Axel Braintree
Axel Braintree, a friend of Jax, helped him defeat Dr. Mako to save his parents from Dr. Mako's curse. Braintree is also a hypnotist. His job is to help hypnotist's control their power.


The main problem in the story is that Dr. Mako hypnotized Jax's parent to jump in front of a subway car when someone says the trigger word. Dr. Mako did this to Jax because he wanted Jax to use remote hypnotism to make sure Trey Douglas won the election. Jax said that he would not use his powers. Since Jax said no, Dr. Mako punished him.

Rising Action "A"

A rising action in this book is the events leading up to Jax attending the Institute of Sentia and learning that he is a hypnotist. Jax hypnotizes a hypnotist on a middle school field trip. He then gets an invitation to the institution. However, he has to go through a bunch of tests and does not believe the director, Dr. Mako, really exists. Eventually, Jax attends a dinner with Dr. Mako where Dr. Mako tells Jax that he is a hypnotist.

Rising Action "B"

Another rising action in the book is when Jax realizes that Dr. Mako is evil. Jax meets a new friend named Axel Braintree who is the president of a group that teaches hypnotists not to hypnotize. They talk about how Dr. Mako has evil plans for the country. When Jax finds out, he quits the institution and then sees a man hypnotized by Dr. Mako committing suicide. After Jax sees the man, he runs and un-hypnotizes him. Then he goes and talks to Dr. Mako.


Jax is forced to use his powers to hypnotize people through the camera while watching the election to help Trey Douglas win. The next week a bunch of things start to happen and Jax believes it is all because of what he did. He later gets pushed down the stairs by a bully and ends up in the hospital. After escaping the hospital, he and his friend help his parents out of the hypnosis and Jax hypnotizes Trey Douglas to step down from the election. Dr. Mako tricks Jax into jumping off a building but Braintree saves him. Then Dr. Mako was arrested.

My Video

When I hit the play button, stare into the center of the screen. When the video stops, look at the back of your hand. You will start to see your skin moving. The video take less than a minute.
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