Canadian Dance Company

When Dance Becomes Art.

Come Down Now.

· CDC has supported the Oakville and Mississauga communities

· Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our teaching methods

· Instruction at CDC focuses on the fundamental spirit and philosophy behind each kind of dance, whether the timing, percussion and musicality of tap or the gravity-defying contortions of acrobatics and gymnastics.

· stimulating, rigorous and encouraging dance classes

· help develop each student’s creative expression and character along with flexibility, strength and dancing prowess.

· Allen Lupien & Dawn Lupien – directors.

· Forms of Dance includeL: Hip-hop, Salsa, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary dance, Gymnastics


People's Opinions.

· We began with another studio and found it to be lacking in organization and structure. It was also missing the X factor that CDC is known for.” - Kathleen Moro

· Each and every one of the teachers at CDC brings something unique to the studio, and together creates a wonderful team for our children to learn from.” - The Khachi’s

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A little flashmob by our dancers at CDC.