The Truth about Alcohol.

By: Koral Schlesselman

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug that acts like a depressant which slows down your bio functions in your body.

How is it made?

Alcohol is made through fermentation by grains. Process of fermentation is when they leave the fruits and grains to rot until it comes turns to a mind altering effect when you drink it.

What are the reasons teens begin to use alcohol?

The reasons why teens use alcohol is because it's a social thing and they want to look cool.

What are the Short term effects?

The short term effects are you can't function right, get really sick, dehydration, you feel achey and have headaches, and no energy.

What is a Blackout ?

Blackout is when you drink alcohol until you pass out.

What are the long term effects of using alcohol?

Long term effects of alcohol are the tearing the lining of your esophagus, alcohol withdraw, seizures, and die...

What does alcohol use/abuse do to friends and family?

When you are abusing yourself with alcohol you can hurt your friends and family by hurting them physically and emotionally when drunk. You can also hurt them by fighting with someone you don't know.

What IS the truth about alcohol?

The truth is that alcohol is very dangerous and it can ruin your life. So don't do it.