North Texas Hail and Tornado Storm

By: Audrey, Kristin, Christina, Sanjana

What happened

  • This storm also produced extensive hail damage. Some report that hail dropped for over 12 minutes in a single location.

Abiotic damages-

Tons of cars windows were destroyed during the storm/

Biotic Damages-
Numerous trees were snapped.

Food and Water-

Nothing happened to the food and water because it couldn't damage it that much. The only thing that change would probably be that the grass got more water from the hail when it melted.

No humans were miraculously killed, but many were injured.

Energy Sources-

There was a power outage.

North Texas Tornado Storm


Abiotic Damages-

Schools, gas station, cars, 1,100 homes damaged and 349 destroyed, towns, hospital, etc..

Biotic Damages-

Tons Trees, several people.

Food and Water-

Some people donated the supply.


  • There was a power outage.
  • No one could use power in areas that had huge damage like the city Forney.

Humans- Not many people died during these tornadoes because there were only 4 cities that had bad damages out of the 17 tornadoes

  • Residents said contractors from across the region began knocking on doors before dawn Wednesday.

What happened?

The order of the tornadoes that happened in North Texas started out in southeast of Joshua. Then it was Kennedale and Arlington, Lancaster and Dallas, Mesquite, Then Near Forney, Royse City, Greenville, South of Cumby, southwest of Sulpher Springs twice, northwest of Winnsboro, Grand Prairie, Irving, Dallas, Denton, community of Poetry, Coppell area. The tornadoes that did effect the ecosystem and life style for humans were in the city of Forney, Royse City, and Lancaster/Dallas. The other cities had a EF0 damage which means not terrible damage done.


Books- Tornadoes by Micheal Allaby