by: Catherin Fisher

Reviewer: Emely vasquez

This is the second book to the sequel of the first book incarceron. I really enjoy this book because it uses a lot of big and difficult words and uses a lot of tone and moods. The book first book tells how Finn ,a 17 year old boy, escapes the living prison, incarceron, with the help of an outsider,Claudia , who believes Finn is the lost prince Giles. Only Finn was able to escape leaving Attia and his oath-brother Keiro inside. He promised to come back for them but meanwhile Attia and Kiero are trying to find a magic glove that might help them escape. But for Finn the outside is just like the prison with all the rules and being forced to be the lost prince because he agreed that if Claudia got him out he will be the prince. Will they ever escape the living prison incarceron? Will Finn keep his promise and became the prince? Even Finn thinks "The outside is just another prison, I have never been so unhappy.."
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