Multiplying and dividing decimals

By Katie

Multiplying Decimals

You might not realize it, but you multiply decimals everyday. If you are a server and you take peoples orders you multiply their food prices. When you go to the gas station and pay for your gas you multiply the number of gallons your car holds times the price of each gallon. You also multiply decimals with money.You multiply decimals with money when you have to pay the bills. Like when you are paying for your house you multiply how much it costs per week to get the total per month.

Dividing Decimals

You might not realize it ,but you divide decimals everyday. If you are at a party and you have candy that you need to put into bags you divide how much candy there is by how many bags there are. If you are running you can divide decimals because if you ran a certain amount of miles in two days and burned a certain amount of calories you would divide the amount of calories by two to see how many calories you burned each day.