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Staff Information & Updates 2/10/14

From The Principal's Pen...

Here we go with another busy week of activities at school and possibly some more winter weather days?!?!? As we look forward to next week, please remember that Monday, 2/17, is designated as Professional Learning Day for all staff. We have a great day of learning planned for the staff, as we engage in Inquiry-Based Learning Across All Contents, during our morning session. Our afternoon session will be very interactive and filled with lots of opportunity for our staff to learn from each other, as well as from our colleagues at Bear Creek Elementary. Their campus is going to be a 1:1 iPad campus next year, so they will be joining us at Cannon during the afternoon for some mini-sessions on "all things technology", in an Edcamp style format! Staff members from both campuses will be involved in facilitating and sharing ideas on a variety of tech topics! This week, I will be sending information to all staff to get your input on how you would like to be involved in this interactive afternoon session. Please be prepared to share your ideas on how you would like to contribute on this day of learning! It's sure to be a great day of learning for all!



Julie Brenegan shares...Be sure to check out this Build With Chrome site and get started training to become a master builder in the Lego Build Academy, by designing various building challenges with Legos. Your scholars who love to build with Legos are sure to enjoy this awesome website!

Elia Reyes shares... an app called News-O-Matic. She says this is a great reading resources for 3rd-5th grader scholars that keeps them informed of current events.

Tina Berumen shares... an awesome list of STEM Resources that she learned about at the T-STEM conference on Saturday. Check it out!!


Dates to Remember

2/10 TELPAS Training - 3:00 Library

2/11 Fire Drill - 10:00

2/11 100th Day of School!

2/11 STEM Leadership meeting 3:00

2/13 Parent MS Information Night - 5:30 - 6:15 Library

2/13 AVID Parent Info Night - 7:00 - PDEC

2/14 Staff Pot Luck!

2/14 PLC Week A - Kinder;5th;2nd

2/14 Valentine's Day parties

2-17-2-21 - National Engineering Week

2/17 Professional Development Day/Student Holiday

2/20 5th grade visits GMS

2/21 2nd, 4th & 5th grade field trip to FWMSH

2/20 District LPAC Party - 3rd-5th teachers - Admin. Tech lab

2/21 SOUPer Staff Lunch- PTA treats staff to lunch!

2/21 PLC Week B - 3rd;4th;1st

2/24 GMS Counselors Visit Cannon 5th Grade 2:00-2:45

2/24 School Board Meeting 7:00 pm

2/25 CEC 3:15

2/27 Class Picture Day

2/27 Thomas Elementary Visits Cannon

2/28 PLC Week A - Kinder;5th;2nd

3/1 Science Safari Saturday - UNT Sustainability Center

3/4 Read Across America Day!

3/4 STAAR Security training - all staff 3:00 in library

3/5 STEM Museum - K-5 during Specials

3/6 Open House/Choir Concert - 5:30 - 7:00

3/7 1st Grade to Legoland

3/7 PLC Week A - Kinder;5th;2nd

3/10-3/14 Spring Break!


Tuesday, 2/11, will mark the 100th day of school in GCISD (adjustments made for bad weather days). What fun activities will your class be doing to celebrate this important milestone? Be sure to send and post lots of pics and information about how your class celebrated, so we can share them with the district for their special edition of 100th Day of School in GCISD.

Check out the resources below for some great ideas on ways to make this day a special one for your scholars! Also, please take a moment to enjoy the video below. It shows "People in Order" from age 1 to age 100. It is sure to bring a smile to your face on 100th Day!!

100th Day Resources:

People in Order (correct version)


  • It's Time For National School Counselor Recognition -Please make sure to give an extra pat on the back and a great big thank you to our awesome counselor, Mandy Coburn! We appreciate ALL that you do Mandy!!

  • The GCISD Health Services February Newsletter can be found here. Make this information available to parents through your blogs, websites, and newsletters.
  • Did you know that GCISD is now on Instagram? If you’d like to share photos of the great things happening in your classroom, text them to Tona and they will be shared with our contact in the GCISD Communications Department.

  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS for March 3, 2014 – Read Across America Day! Check out this resource and talk to Tina for some ideas on how we can design a “reading party” on our campus. Once our plans are in place, we have been asked to let Suzanne Newell and the Communications dept. know about them, so they can help to promote this event at Cannon!

  • TEACHER OF THE YEAR - It's that time of year when we get the chance to nominate outstanding teachers from our campus that take an active role in our community as well as our school & district, demonstrate professional poise and articulateness, and have an amazing ability to inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities.

The criteria below is provided by the national Council of Chief State School Officers,

are used for both the state and national programs. The Teacher of the Year

candidate should:

• be an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled teacher in any state-approved or accredited school

• inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;

• have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues;

• play an active and useful role in the community, as well as in the school;

• be poised, articulate and possess the energy to withstand a taxing schedule.

All staff will receive a nomination form in your mailbox this week for both Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Year. Thanks for your participation!


A CHHS student has organized GCISD's 1st Annual District-Wide Walk for Water. This event is a 1K & 5K Walk/Run, a fundraiser to raise money & awareness for a nonprofit organization called Water is Basic. This organization leads efforts to drill wells in South Sudan, Africa to provide clean water for residents. This event will be held on March 22nd. There are a lot of fun family activities scheduled for this day. Please help promote this information to your scholars & parents. Click here for an informational flyer in English and here for a Spanish version.

Additionally, please encourage your students to submit an entry for the district-wide t-shirt design contest. If you have any students who would like to contact CHHS student, Chandler, directly, her email address is:


Great job tweeting about the great things going on at Cannon! Keep up the good work!

Check out some of the staff tweets from last week!

Jem Inigo ‏@JemInigo Feb 3

Kindergarteners receive their Design Challenge from Punxsutawney Phil #cancubs #gcisd

Irene Boynton ‏@ireneb2011 Feb 5

@MrsMandyJackson Nice job producing the video, Mandy...thanks!

Mandy Jackson ‏@MrsMandyJackson Feb 5

Robotic Groundhog Day at Cannon! … @ireneb2011 @cancubs @ireneb2011 @CathaMaples @JemInigo @DeniseSki

juliebrenegan ‏@molliemae57 4h

FLL team at the LEGO movie! Awesome animation and hilarious! @cancubs @Tonataylor

Luvina Subia ‏@SubiaLuvina Feb 6

We used the snow today as inspiration for our writing and during science. Love it when I can use real life to inspire my scholars @cancubs

Luvina Subia ‏@SubiaLuvina Feb 8

Just learned about great site for LA/ELL learners @cancubs

Sarah Wolter ‏@Wolter_Sarah Feb 7

Up next...Engineering Your World. #tstem2014 @cancubs @Tonataylor

Judy Reta ‏@JudyReta Feb 8

Need to create a UbD lesson design library @cancubs @Tonataylor

Denise Skinner ‏@DeniseSki Feb 5

We Love You Phil!!

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Feb 8

.@Tonataylor TCE asks parents on day 1 what they do for a living to start making immediate STEM connections for units.

Trisha Goins ‏@heartinlife Feb 7

"This is so exciting!" Words from @Wolter_Sarah upon learning how to create a google form. Yes it is!!

Patrick R. Lollis ‏@canmaestro Feb 6

Just made a note to have my kids build an "MLN = Musical Learning Network" with 5 friends on guys rock! #gcdcchat

The Land of Lollis ‏@cannonelemmusic Feb 5

1st grade earning audience behavior achievements...Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" @cancubs @Tonataylor

Denisa Marshall ‏@denisamarshall Feb 7

Engineering at its best!@cancubs @Tonataylor

Riqui Villarreal ‏@CannonCoachV Feb 5

4th grade dodgeball. for the win.

Esther DeLeon ‏@SpanDeLeon Feb 6

2nd-5th Cannon cubs will be testing in Spanish class next weekPlease checkout for test review and extra credit!

TBlizzard ‏@Tonataylor Feb 8

Cannon teachers learning on Saturday a.m. @tstem2014 @MrsCrawfordSSS @SubiaLuvina @tinaberumen @heartinlife @JudyReta

Retweeted by Rick Westfall@JemInigo: Rockin' the Texas STEM Conference! #gcisd @robinryan_gcisd @CLO_GCISD Tonataylor #cancubs

Trisha Goins ‏@heartinlife Feb 5

Excited to share @vocaroo with teachers and students! So many possibilities #tcea14 #cancubs

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Feb 8

2nd @TCETexans go on "wall walk" around their campus for Great Wall EIE unit & create video sharing types. @SarahGanus @JHockenbrough @gail_marin

Megan Pettit ‏@MeganPettit22 Feb 7

Staying warm at the T-STEM Conference! We rocked our presentation! #tstem2014 @Tonataylor @cancubs

Diane Norwood ‏@MsDianeNorwood Feb 6

@DoughneyJ Sort of standards based report cards for PD? Show your mastery or progress towards it? #gcdcchat

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Feb 6

If the subject of writing is meaningful for the writer, a writer is much more engaged. These expository papers are looking good! #cancubs

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Feb 6

2nd graders are turning their expository papers about their favorite person into IMovies! This is a fun project! #cancubs @tonataylor

Michelle Hall ‏@Michelleh340 Feb 5

Preparing to build the Great Wall by observing Earth materials.

STEM 4th ‏@STEM4th Feb 7

What a wonderful week of learning! Ask your child about the geometry concepts we explored through snowflake...

Mrs Greuling ‏@mrsgreuling Feb 5

Our first student-led conference was a success! @Tonataylor

Retweeted by Cannon Fifth Deena Crawford ‏@MrsCrawfordSSS Feb 7

Presenting Revolutionary Figure Biographies :) @cancubs #gcisd #historynerds

Retweeted by Cannon Fifth Judy Reta ‏@JudyReta Feb 6

Used #MackinVia today to teach about seasons. Winter was the perfect season to teach since it is snowing today. @Tonataylor @tinaberumen

Retweeted by Cannon Fifth Sarah ganus ‏@SarahGanus Feb 7

5th grade buddies working on math regrouping with us.

Retweeted by Megan Pettit Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Feb 4

Search "kinder chat symbaloo" for tons of K-2 web games/books shared by @mattBgomez LOVE the @NGKidsBks page! #tcea14 @MeganPettit22


  • Set a timer and turn in attendance by 9:45-10:15 daily.
  • Celebrate 100th Day of School on 2/11!
  • Be prepared to complete nominations for Cannon's Teacher & Paraprofessionals of the Year!
  • Enjoy the Staff Pot Luck Luncheon & Valentine's Day parties!
  • Tweet throughout the week to share the great work going on @ Cannon!