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Gretchen of Always A Lesson spent a decade in the classroom helping students and colleagues become their best. She left the classroom to have a bigger effect on new teachers through The New Teacher Project as a New Teacher Coach for the last three years. In 2015, Gretchen took her experience and vision and turned Always A Lesson into a consulting business focused solely on personalized improvement of an educator's craft.

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Do you want to gain effectiveness in the classroom? Are you tired of sitting in boring professional development sessions that aren't helping you grow? Connect with Gretchen via Skype or Google Hangout for some 1:1 coaching. Share your greatest need and Gretchen will come to the rescue! Affordable rates and flexible scheduling available. Contact to get #empowered!

Always A Lesson Educational Consulting

Some districts offer first year mentorship to their teachers. Often times, the mentorship is a mismatch or ineffective in helping teachers develop in their classroom effectiveness for various reasons. In addition, there are many times in a teacher’s career where a mentor could be helpful, but the district does not supply one due to cost. The services provided here are affordable, personalized and available nationwide virtually to any and all teachers, regardless of where they are along their career path.