Harmful Animal Testing

Alexis Daugherty

Although several people around the world believe animal testing and research is beneficial to human health, testing products and drugs on animals is cruel and unusual punishment. Over one-hundred million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused every year in just the United States (11 facts). Hurting and wounding innocent animals is not improving human research.
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The rabbit in the picture above, shows the results of cosmetic animal testing.

catastrophic effects that derive from testing products on living creatures

Many different cosmetics and household commodities are tested on small animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits (11 facts). An abundant amount of the products tested on these small animals fail, giving the animal pain with no anesthetic. Some companies have taken another route when it comes to animal testing, they label their products "cruelty free" stating that their products haven't been tested on animals. Even though a product may say "cruelty free" doesn't mean it's always true (Testing Cosmetics). Companies and brands may label their final products "cruelty free" even if the individual ingredients in the products were once tested on animals.

the detrimental effects of testing drugs on animals

A profuse amount of drugs get tested in all types of animals daily. The overall percentage of drugs that are tested on animals, but fail in humans is incredibly high. Ninety-two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals, fail in human clinical trials (11 facts). Hepatitis B Fialuridine is an example of a drug that was successful in animals but failed in humans. Hepatitis B Fialuridine had to be terminated because it caused severe liver damage to seven humans, and ended up killing five of those people (cruelty free). When medicines and treatments are tested on animals, money, time and valuable resources are wasted (Top five).

The creators of the video shown above, use graphic images to show the true effects of animal testing.