Making Good Desicions

By Taylor Lett

#1 Gather all the information

Many of us like to go with our gut feeling, but its best we have all the facts first before making a decision. Try to gather all the information you can before making any hasty decisions.

#2 Set yourself a deadline

Of course you have to sit down and think hard before making any important decision, but spending to much time can cause you to over think something and make things more stressful. Give yourself a deadline to show that your decision should be made by then.

#3 Get a second opinion

Sometimes its too difficult for us to make a decisions. Its okay to get a second opinion for someone you know and trust. But make sure you listen closely and make sure there not saying the things you only want to hear.

#4 Have the right mindset

You cannot make a good decisions if your mad, sad angry, etc. Take a time out to clear your mind, if you don't then you can end up make a terrible choice and later on regret it big time. Before making any decisions, make sure your mind is clear and you are calm.

#5 Sleep on it

Many of us have heard sleep on it before you make an important decision. Research has shown that if you get rest then your brain is able to organize memories and process information better than when we are conscious.