Northern Ozaukee Summer School 2018

June 18th ~ July 13th (M-F: 7:55 am -11:55 am)

Please note that the enrollment period for Summer School is now CLOSED

Enrollment Period is now closed.

  • Have you wanted more enrichment courses for your elementary or middle school student?

  • Have you wanted to work ahead to earn high school credit? Scroll down to HS section.

  • Have you needed to open up your academic schedule to make time for sports, clubs, and AP courses? Scroll down to HS section.

  • Do you need to make up failed credit? Scroll down to HS section.

  • Have you wanted to explore new courses in career pathways?

NOSD & WVL Summer School 2018 can help you achieve those goals!

K-8 Course Offerings

Enrichment courses for elementary and middle school students in these areas

  • Spanish in everyday life

  • Strategy and board games

  • Science including astronomy and greenhouse

  • Computer coding, podcasting and screencasting

  • Soccer, volleyball, baseball, and non-traditional sports

  • Arts and crafts including crochet, metalworking and drama

  • Fun with food (and just plain fun we're not normally allowed to do in school)

  • ...and much more!

Extension and Remediation Courses for elementary and middle school students in these areas
  • Public speaking
  • Creative writing
  • Choice reading time
  • Grade-level remediation in reading and mathematics
K-8 Course Catalog

Click here to view our grades K-8 Course Catalog

Each student enrolling in NOSD summer school must complete the following form to

enroll in Summer School. Please complete one of these forms for each student in your home

according to the grade level they will be in the fall.

Additional K-8 Information

Require Bus Service? Click here to get to the form. Print, complete, and deliver that form to your student's school's secretary.

Require YMCA Wraparound Care (early drop off and later pickup)?

Click here to get general YMCA camp and registration information.

Click here for information about our Ozaukee YMCA Wraparound Care.

Do you have additional questions? Contact our summer school principal.

Steve Akin, Summer School Principal

Email: (preferred), Phone: 262.692.2453, ext. 445

Northern Ozaukee School District:

NOHS Strength and Agility Registration

Ozaukee High schoolers, please fill this form out to get enrolled in a session of Strength and Agility. Stay in shape, get stronger and get faster!

Online High School Course Offerings through Wisconsin Virtual Learning

Courses offered include:

  • PE and Life Management (Health) for incoming freshman and high school students

  • High school electives in areas of career and student interest:

    • English: Mythology & Folklore, Journalism, Creative Writing 1, Social Media, and Gothic Fiction

    • Social Science: History of the Holocaust, Economics, Psychology 1 & 2, Careers in Criminal Justice, Social Problems 1, AP Psychology

    • Science: Great Minds in Science, Astronomy, Intro to Veterinary Science, and Environmental Science

    • Math: Intro to Statistics, Consumer Math 1, Integrated Math 1

    • PE 1, Life Management/Health, and Health Science 1

    • Technology: Engineering & Technology and Computer Fundamentals 1

    • Family & Consumer Ed: Parenting, Cosmetology, Peer Counseling, Hospitality & Tourism, and Personal & Family Finance

    • General: Digital Photography 1, Intro to Public Service, College & Career Planning, Health Science 1

    • Business: Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Marketing

  • Credit Recovery courses in core areas

Each student enrolling in NOSD summer school must complete the following form for consideration and enrollment in Summer School.

Grade 7-12 Online Summer School Registration Form

Please complete this form and return it to: Wisconsin Virtual Learning, c/o Ann Baumann, 401 Highland Drive, Fredonia, WI 53021. OR you may email or fax your application to: (email) (fax) 262-692-3952.

Summer School Contact Information

For additional information on Northern Ozaukee Elementary, Middle School or High School courses, please contact:

Michelle Ringwell, Ozaukee Elementary School at: 262-692-2404 or
Sandra Henke, Ozaukee Middle School at: 262-692-2463 or
Steve Akin, Ozaukee High School at: 262-692-2453 or

For additional information on WVL courses, or to submit your student's completed registration form contact:

Ann Baumann, Enrollment Coordinator

Email:, Phone: 262.692.3988, ext. 294

Wisconsin Virtual Learning: