CSA ~ August 22, 2019

Weekly Shares

Happy CSA Day!

Thank you for supporting Goodness Grows!


If you realize that you aren't going to be able to make it to pick-up, no problem!

Just give us a call at 330-549-9408 to arrange a Friday visit.

Time to refill your basket!

Please bring in the basket that went home last week and Trevor will refill it when you arrive today. Let us know if you are liking the basket system more than grocery bags or not. Thanks!

In This Week's Share!

Apples (from a GG client)

Fresh Corn Salsa

Hungarian Wax Peppers

Purple Basil







Apple Note

Ethan, one of our clients, and his family have a small farm where they raise chickens and grow some items, plus they have a small number of fruit trees and berry bushes. The fruit is not a cash crop for them, they just use it to enjoy at home and to share with friends...like you! So, the apples in your share will not be the prettiest but they will still be tasty. Apples from a farm that does not spray do look very different than the shiny, spotless apples from a market. These apples are still good for cutting up to enjoy some tart apple slices and they are excellent for making applesauce, apple butter, cinnamon apples, apple pies, baked apples.... Makes ya feel like fall, doesn't it?!?

Fresh Corn Salsa

Our corn was finally ready, so we made a corn salsa treat for today's share. The recipe was simple, as were the ingredients. We hope you enjoy this very summery salsa!

  • corn kernels
  • onion, diced
  • red pepper, diced
  • jalapeños, seeded and minced
  • cilantro, chopped
  • lime juice
  • salt

Fresh corn salsa pairs perfectly with tortilla chips but it also makes a wonderful topping on salad, on grilled chicken or steak, or on your favorite Mexican dish.

Hungarian Wax Peppers

It may look like a mild banana pepper, but really the Hungarian wax pepper has a lot more bite. In terms of spiciness, it’s more akin to a jalapeño with a chance for a bit more heat. This is a great chili for all sorts of cooking (including chiles rellenos) and a popular one to top off a salad with or to pickle. Source: https://www.pepperscale.com/hungarian-wax-pepper/

These peppers make great appetizers. Stuff them whole, raw, with a cream cheese and diced pepperoni, salami, or dried beef mixture. Just cut off the top, de-seed, cut a small piece off the tip [allows air to release so the peppers don't split when stuffing] to prep the peppers. Warm the cream cheese to a workable consistency, mix with your chosen meat, and stuff peppers until the mix comes out the small hole in the tip. Drizzle with olive oil and chill overnight. Serve sliced in 3/4" rings. Or, try the easy pickled pepper recipe below.

Purple Basil

We were pretty excited about our purple basil! It really adds a pop of color in the garden and in the CSA share. And, I had way too much fun finding recipes for it! It was hard stopping at four links, because there are so many cool uses that show off the purple basil so nicely. Hopefully you can find one you like!

Read about purple basil in the first link below, which also includes some ideas on how to use this beautiful herb.

Root Veggies ~ Parsnips & Turnips

While they’re both root vegetables that are packed with nutrients, parsnips and turnips are not quite the same—parsnips are similar to carrots and have a sweet, candy-like flavor. They are good for adding creaminess to soups and moisture to baked goods. Turnips, on the other hand, are in the Brassica rapa family (like bok choy and napa cabbage) and are much less sweet. They are tasty eaten raw, like radishes.

Parsnips are easy to roast in a high-temperature oven. A 425°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes is just about perfect to caramelize the sugars in the parsnips, resulting in a perfectly textured bite. Or, don’t cook them at all! Julienne a parsnip and add it to a salad for an extra bit of crunch.

Looking for an alternative to mashed potatoes? Try mashed turnips with bacon! Simmer peeled and cut-up turnips in boiling salted water until tender. Drain and mash with butter, salt, and pepper. Fold in crumbled cooked bacon and chopped chives; top with shaved Parmesan.

More ideas below!

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