Travis Roy as a quadripeligic

Eleven Seconds By: Travis Roy

Life before the accident

Travis Roy is from the state of Maine and has played hockey since he could put on skates. He's extremely talented and has always worked hard. He started out working with his dad on skating and other hockey skills until he joined a team. He started playing competitively at a very young age and had a dream to play for a Division 1 college then go on to the NHL. He achieved his goal of going to a Division 1 college but soon after he started against the University of Vermont the accident occurred. Because of hard work and determination he was able to achieve his goal.

The Accident

Travis Roy decided to play hockey for Boston College. He was extremely commited and hard working and he was rewarded. His coach started him against the University of Vermont. He was incredibly excited, but eleven seconds into the game he was checked into the boards and paralyzed. As he sat there on the ice he kept telling himself to get up but he couldn't move. He was taken to the Boston College Hospital. His parents, sister, and girlfriend Majia kept him alive.

Life After the Accident

Travis Roy has improved greatly since the accident. He was brought home for the first time for Christmas but he needed to be brought back to the hospital. He was slowly transferred into a wheelchair from his bed and he eventually was able to return to school. He attended his sisters wedding and continued with his life. Travis has gotten support from many fundraiser events and has been extremely grateful for everyone in his life. Travis Roy is one of the bravest most courageous men that I have ever heard of and he has caused his life to be as happy as it can be in his situation.