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Your teeth will always be clean

Bubble Brush

The Bubble Brush is a convenient and small piece of gum that will clean your teeth on the run! A hard shell, made up of fluoride and natural flavoring, holds the soft gum inside. After you break through the hard shell, flavored to your delight, you can chew the plaque busting gum. Our teeth cleaning gum uses a special cleaning technology that makes the gum last for 2 minutes before dissolving in your mouth. This cleans your teeth 98% as good as a dental cleaning.

Bubble Brush options, prices, and places

The Bubble Brush will be made by the well known pharmaceutical company, Merc & Co.

A pack of 20 costs $5, 40=$9, 100=$20. You can also pick from our various flavorings, such as, orange, bubble gum, mint, strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and lemon. You can buy this product at CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and other stores where toothpaste can be sold. Satisfaction guaranteed. If not, your money back.

Charlie Roberts

Hi 'm Charlie Roberts, I'm a 5th grade student at OAS. I chose to make this product because I have always hated brushing my teeth. The Bubble Brush is an invention that makes it fun and easy to brush your teeth. it also allows you to brush your teeth in and out of the house.