Setonix brachyurus


  • Mammal
  • Thick, grayish-brown fur
  • Light underpart
  • Have pouches
  • Usually hop on back two legs
  • Up to 21 inches long
  • Up to 9 1/4 pounds
  • Up to 20 inches long
  • Up to 7 3/4 pounds

Food Chain

  • Herbivore
  • Eats grass, seeds, roots, and fruits
  • Is not a predator to any animals
  • It's predators include mainly Cats, dogs, and foxes
  • Also threatened by carnivorous birds and dingoes


  • Found mostly on the south-west corner of Australia, Rottnest Island, and Bald Island
  • Lives near shrublands and forests, but mostly swamps
  • Almost always found near water.
  • Hot and Dry Months-November to March
  • Cold and Wet Months-April to October



  • Camouflage with Grasses
  • Dens built of grass to escape
  • Very quick
  • Pouches to protect their joeys (a baby quokka)
  • Live in Packs

  • Two front teeth to bite off pieces of their food
  • Hamster like fingers to grab their food
  • Searches on the habitat's floor for plants and other foods

Critical Information

Reasons for endangerment

  • Habitat loss
  • Too many predators- Being killed by Cats, dogs, and foxes
  • Becoming roadkill
What is being done to protect it

  • Officially on endangered animal list
  • Illegal to harm them
  • Don't litter- can cause pollution
Why should we help them

  • If you don't, then this will happen.........