Please Stop Laughing at Me...

Maddie McCloskey's book club assigment project


Jodee Blanco’s life was fine until 5th grade, but when she stuck up for a deaf girl, everything changed. Kids bullied her for it, and eventually she moved schools. Things escalated when she was at a party, and because of her tattling, the other kids got in trouble for their bad choices. She moved schools for the last time, but still was brutally bullied and just couldn’t find her ‘group’ until senior year when she finally made friends. Years later came the reunion. Jodee faced her fears, and the kids who tormented her apologized. “That's probably why your successful now, because you had to overcome so much,” a former bully said. “I'm so sorry” (Blanco 260).

Turn a Life Around

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco's Traits

  • Always paranoid (Pg.238 "I don't know, something just doesn't seem right, I answer. Your paranoid)
  • Body deformities
  • A habit of hers is even though she knows something isn't right, she will still fall for it ex. a trick from other students which she will fall for


  • Character vs. self- The reason I chose this is because whenever she gets beat up she always covers up the bruises and cuts. This presents her to be an even bigger target by showing weakness. Also she is embarrassed by her body. She has a deformity and is insecure about it. She is always trying to hide it and once again she shows more weakness.
  • Character vs. Character- The reason why I chose this is because a lot of her conflicts come from the root of other kids bullying her.
  • Overall answer- If I had to choose one I would choose character vs. self. The reason I am choosing this is because of her insecurity the kids are giving her an even bigger target. Overall the kids are hurting her because she isn't sticking up for herself and is just taking it.


A theme I would chose is 'No matter what there are always people that will love you and respect you. It may take time, but someone is always made for another person.' Something you can always take away from this is no matter how much you feel alone, it will always get better no matter how long it takes, it is destined to get better.

Textual Evidence

There were definitely a lot of powerful parts in the book. Some of them being when at the prom, Jodees 'date' stuck up against some bullies. It sure showed them and they backed off for the rest of the night. Some more powerful moments were definitely when she would get physically abused. No, it wasn't good but, you saw her growth of how much stronger she would get. Words that really jumped off the page for me would have to be:

  • "Your dead meat" (Blanco 161) I chose this because it showed how they made her suffer
  • "Being killed held the promise of relief" (Blanco 67) This really scared me because it showed how she wanted to kill herself and believed it would just help her
  • "Next time, you won't be so lucky" (Blanco 153) This jumped off the page because it showed how vicious the kids can get to her and how they mean serious buisness

My favorite quote in the book is..... "I would not wish my early life on anyone, but it is my life. It's a large part of who I am now. The pain I went through as a teen strengthened me and taught me the truth of that wonderful adage about doing unto others as you would wish them to do unto you." (Blanco 270) The reason why this is my favorite quote is because she really explains that no matter how bad she was hurt, she wouldn't want anyone else to feel the pain she did. Most importantly, she forgave.

Book Review

I would definitely rate this book a 5/5 stars. There were no boring parts at any part of the book. The author went into depth so much, it was one of the books where I can imagine just about everything in my head, like a movie. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't get bother with violence or inappropriate references. This has to be one of my favorite books that I have ever read.

Links about bullying, encase you have any questions or need clarification on bullying

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