On the Run

In the Heart of Toronto!

Living the Life of a Torontonian

Skyscraper skylines, big billboards, and hectic rush hours are an everyday routine for people that live or travel to downtown Toronto everyday. Toronto is one of the most highly populated cities in the world, and is constantly renewing and expanding itself for its people. Obvious differences are seen within first glances between downtown and its outlying cities; transportation, housing, open space, and over all lifestyle and layout. More effective means of transportation and living is found in downtown, whereas it isnt seen elsewhere. For example, priority is given to the pedestrians and so an all-way stop is introduced, allowing for diagonal crossing for more productive routes. Also, stacked housing is that main type that is used in Toronto's downtown, so its normal to see high-rise buildings or even housing on top of businesses. All that is very uncommon to see in suburban areas because of the amount of open space that Is used to make bigger house lots. However, not only did the Burberry stores and streetcars differentiate themselves from a suburban city, but also the atmosphere and the people within. Seeing about 200 students taking up their precious downtown sidewalks caused some obvious annoyance and amusement on their faces because, every "excuse me" is another second late to where they are expected. The people in downtown always seem to be on the run with places to go and people to meet and not caring too much to spark a conversation with another. Living in the heart of Toronto has its perks, but I am thankful to be living in a suburban city like Mississauga where the traffic is calmer, space is greener, and people are (almost) more happier.

"Urban Life - Winter in Toronto"


This video made by Peter Pilipovic shows the diversity of culture seen in downtown Toronto; from food to transportation, this video takes you through a day in Toronto.

New Experiences.

I learned a few things on the trip to downtown. The first thing I learned was that it is okay to bend and manipulate the rules for the sake of doing better. The 4-way crosswalk was a proof of that because no where else is it found, but the one heaviest populated city in Canada. The 4-way crosswalk allows for a more productive route for transportation beneficial to all. Another thing I learned was the importance of being on task and on time. Even though the students could only observe the moving life around us, we could still make out some stressed faces, possibly because of work or even family, Toronto is already a busy place, and being late doesn't help that issue. The overall experience of being in Toronto was great because we almost got to live the life of a Torontonian - even if we are true from Mississauga at heart.