old vs. new by: Olivia Friesen

old technology vs. new technology

technology in the past was a lot more difficult and hard to use. you couldn't just click and be on the internet, or send an email in 30 seconds.

- the first computer would take up a whole room.

- your computer wouldn't start until you put a in a floppy disc

- to use the internet you have to use dial up, someone couldn't be on the phone and on the internet at the same time

- you would pay each month or even each when you use dial up

those are just a few examples of internet i the past, it was not easy.

todays internet is a lot faster, easier and smarter. people can reach each other from anywhere.

- phones are so thin and small

- they have everything at your fingertips

-interent is so simple, everyone can be online whenever they feel

-computers can fit in backpack or carried anywhere

the internet has evolved into something so simple and useful. huge computers,phones, and tv aren't even seen today. who knows how it will evolve later.