Merry Christmas

From the Carvers

Let it be for Christ

I pray this letter finds you enjoying the Birth of our Great Savior. Personally, I am trying to slow down and remember that although the gifts are fun, Christmas is about the greatest gift that was given to us....Jesus Christ. So we are reading Ann Voscamp "Jesse Tree", she walks you through the lineage of Christ and gives you some way each day t practice loving one another.

I'm sad that I wasn't able to come see most of you last semester. Between sickness and just living life I was only able to visit 3 communities. Since you might have forgotten who I am and what my kids look like. :D Here are a couple of pics of the boys.

Opportunites To Serve

We Can't do it alone....

I am so thankful for everyone in my CC Community. Everyone has a part in making sure things go smoothly on Community day. Is there a way you can serve your Director? What are some talents that God has blessed you with? There are many ways you as moms and dads can serve your community but also Classical Conversations. Thursday, January 21 at 7:30pm, I will be hosting a leadership Opportunity Webinar. I will be going over what it looks like to serve as a tutor, Director and even an Support Representative (formally SM now SR). Please join me and lets talk about what it looks like to serve in these areas. I will also talk about some other ways that I need help managing this roll as SR. Such as, hosting Info Meetings, Running Info Meetings, advertising, being a camp leader at practicum, and thing of that nature. I look forward to visiting the communities next semester.

Praying you are blessed by our Sweet Lord and Savior this Christmas Season,

Melanie Joy