Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 16

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for learning.”

-Brad Henry

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Ms. King's students using the innovative technology of 3D printing!

"As far as how this can be used in education, it’s a matter of bringing objects out of the computer screen and into the hands of students for inspection, analysis, and other processes that can benefit from physical manipulation. In that way, 3D printers may eventually be able to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital–use a screen to find what you need, then print it into existence."

Professional Learning Day February 19

South Middle School was well represented both in attendees and presenters. We learned a lot while having some fun throughout the day! Here are two examples of the fun staff had later in the day:

Take 1

Take 2

Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

One of the 21st Century skills is collaboration and in this information-based world our students will need to have developed this skill. When students collaborate they are also fine tuning the soft skills that they will need to be successful. A teacher shares his strategy when it comes to collaborative learning.

Collaborative Learning 1:38


Sometimes introverted children are easy to overlook because they are the quiet student in the class. Children that are introverted have a lot to offer and teachers need to have strategies to engage these children.

Strategies to Ensure Introverted Students Feel Valued at School.

Tech Bytes!

Communicating with Students through Technology: Article highlighting various resources.