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Happy New Year!

As we usher 2022 in, I can only hope that everyone had a peaceful end to 2021. Hopefully, winter break was enjoyable for everyone. There were lots of smiling faces coming back into the school today, and better yet, a lot of hugs. There were so many kids happy to see their friends and adults.

We are also aware that sometimes coming back after break can be hard for some of our kids. We try to ensure that someone is checking in with those students and making the transition a little easier for them. Getting back into a routine can be difficult for a lot of people, but as an experienced building of educators we know to ease them back into it as we gain our momentum for the 2nd semester.

Covid protocols entering 2022

We have had several families contact us within the last few days to report that either their child or a family member has tested positive for Covid. Our nurse has instructed them of the protocols we are following and the date they can return so that no others are potentially at risk. We are continuing to offer test to stay through Wild Health how visits New Haven each day.

I am waiting to hear from our district office if they are going to follow CDC's latest recommendations. If that is the case, their protocol document on the website will be updated.

Mrs. Loschiavo, our RN, would like anyone who is currently positive to stay home and email her at or you can call 859-384-5325. If you have been recently exposed, the District is offering Test to stay (5 day protocol) as before break. Online consent must be filled out. It can be accessed on Boone County Schools website. Students would need to be brought to school on the 1st day of testing. Wild Health arrives at New Haven around 11:00 to 11:15, that would be the time students would be brought in on the 1st day of testing. Parent/ guardian will remain with the student until results obtained (15 minutes). If negative, students stays and come to school at the normal time on day 2.

As always, if students are not feeling well, they should stay home until symptoms improve and they have been fever free for 24 hours prior to return (unmedicated).

If you have any questions please reach out and we will assist in anyway that we can.

Parent Corner... Resources and Research on common topics.

Below are some resources that may be helpful for parents as our children move in and out of phases of growth. Our kids, although being raised in the same house as their siblings, all experience things differently. They also respond differently to different life experiences. There is definitely not a "one size fits all" rule when raising our kids.

"We Can Do Hard Things" Building Resilience in our kids

"Cellphone Parenting"
"Kid & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age"
ADHD in the classroom: Helping Children Succeed in School


November / December Newsletter & updates is linked below for your to review.

FRC Website for information and assistance: Click here

If you have any questions you can reach her at


Girls on the Run! We are starting Girls on the Run again! This is a fantastic program that pours into our girls. Mrs. Langhals coordinates this program for our girls. Click here for more information about GOTR.

If your 4th & 5th grade girl is interested: GOTR form
There will be 2 different sets of coaches, practices start in February and there are limited spots. Both teams will practice on Monday & Wednesday from 3:45 to 5:00 pm.

Boys basketball will begin mid January. Boys will receive information from Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Haley. They will be looking for parents willing to coach a team.

Cheerleading: Currently, we do not have anyone to sponsor the cheerleading squads. If you are interested in organizing and overseeing the squads please reach out to me. This could be open to 3rd-5th grade.

Club / Sport Ideas : If you are interested in sponsoring a club or sport for New Haven students please reach out to Mrs. Goble. We understand the need for activities for our students k-5th grade, and are open to opportunities that parents are willing to run. We are open to a variety of ideas.

Mission and Vision of New Haven... Our WHY, WHAT, and HOW.


A huge thank you to our "Polar Express Conductor", Mr. Bill Thornton. The kids loved it! It was a great way to end our December. Our students were mesmerized by our guest story teller and enjoyed receiving their special bell and candy cane.

PTO sponsored events for our kids:

January: Newport Aquarium "Tide Pool"- On January 12th & 13th, the WAVE foundation will be brining some aquatic friends to present to our students. This event will be during school hours so all students can participate & will be provided at no cost to our students!

February: Father-Daughter Sweetheart Social (Also known as Me & my guy)- It's going to be a SWEET NIGHT- Friday, Februrary 4th, from 6:00 to 9:00 at New Haven elementary. More information will come home this week. There are cut off dates for participation. Due to specific ordering extensions will not be granted.

March: The "Beast is back" :) Mother / Son (Me & my gal)- Dodgeball tournament! March 4th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. More information will be shared through PTO.

I want to thank all of our parents & teachers who serve and volunteer as part of our Parent / Teach organization. The events organized and programs brought in for our kids are priceless. It's things like these events that make New Haven such an amazing school for our students. We are very lucky to have such involved parents who want to support a complete school experience! I encourage all of our parents to join our PTO so that you not only have a voice in the variety of experiences for our kids, but additionally you receive all the information coming from that organization.

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Weather & Outdoor play (REPEAT information)

Whenever we can get our students outside to play we will. This is also true through the winter months. Our students go outside for 15-20 minutes of gross motor play and socializing. We are asking that parents ensure that students are leaving the house with a coat and any necessary accessories to keep students warm. Classes will not go outside if the temperature is below freezing.

Unfortunately, the next few months also means our "Lost and Found" becomes a treasure trove! We remind students to check the lost and found often, and I will also send home pictures to you to help reunite students to their belongings. If your child comes home missing a jacket, sweatshirt, hat, or gloves please encourage them to check the L&F!

Possible Home Instruction Days (REPEAT information)

Our district office has sent information out to parents regarding procedures for inclement weather and instruction. The district will now be taking responsibility of sending messages out to families so you will not be receiving a call from New Haven in regards to school closings. The plus is that families will not receive a phone call from every school their child attends which I'm sure is a relief for many. One negative is that if you do not receive a phone call you will need to call the district office (859- 283-1003) to rectify the issue. However, we will help as much as we can.

"Home Instruction Days", although great because we will not have to add additional days to the school calendar for kids; does also bring a little sadness because it takes away from the excitement of a "Snow Day". That being said, our staff has made a plan in which the students can review important priority standards that need to be mastered by the end of their grade level and also enjoy a portion of their day. We see and appreciate the importance of both; especially for elementary students. We also are recognizing the feedback from many parents that their child(ren) will either be in a daycare or will be with family members and may not have access to on-line learning.

Each grade level has a specific plan in which they will share with each of their families through the communication platform that they have used this school year. Students will have activities to complete that are either in paper form or uploaded into their Google Classrooms. These activities should NOT require parents to teach students, as they are review standards from previous units. Teachers will be using these activities as an assessment of mastery for students. Teachers will also be available during the school day in which students can contact them from help with any work. Each grade level will be communicating this with their families. Special Education teachers will also continue to provide services for their students with a specifically scheduled time for students. An individualized letter was sent home with each student previously. If you did not receive it, please reach out to your child's case manager. The state is requiring all teachers to track which students participate through either their on-line work or through the completed activities submitted.

Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)

January 2022!! Happy New Year

3rd- Return to school
6th- Academic Team away
7th- Tiger prize

10th- Report cards go home
12th/13th- Newport Aquarium Tide Pool Program
13th- Academic Team (home)
17th- No school - MLK Jr. Day
18th- 21st- Mid-year CASE assessment in Reading & Math
20th- SBDM @ 4:30

4th- Tiger prize /// Me & my Guy event 6:00 to 9:00
7th-11th - National School Counselor's week
10th- Board of Ed meeting @ 7:30
14th- 18th- SEL survey for 3rd - 5th grade
15th- Mid-term
17th- SBDM @ 4:30
21st- No school

4th- Mother/Son Dodgeball event 6:00 - 9:00
11th- Popcorn Friday
24th- SBDM @ 4:30
28th- 1st - CASE assessment Reading and Math (K-5th)

11th- 15th- SPRING BREAK
22nd- Popcorn Friday
25th- 29th - Spring STAR testing (Math & Reading)

3rd- 13th- STATE TESTING WINDOW (3rd, 4th, & 5th)

6th- Popcorn Friday
13th- First grade Fairy Tale Ball
17th- No School
19th- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL /// SBDM @ 4:30

18th- 22nd (Camp Invention @ NH) - not affiliated but only hosted at NH

Approved Calendar for the 22-23 school year

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