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March 16th, 2020

A Note from SASD

Hello 4K and Early Childhood Families,

As we navigate this health crisis, in our community and our country, we want you to know that keeping your children safe and healthy is our primary concern. Over the last few days your teachers have been working tirelessly to create learning opportunities for your children while they are home.

The link to a Google folder with several activities is below. I will update you each week via SMORE newsletter. Please watch for your email for more fun activities to do at home during this time!

Stay well,

Erin and Sara Jane

Activities While You are Home

Click on the link to view activities to choose from for your child for at home learning.

Virtual Learning Opportunities


  • Count the windows in your house,

  • Measure your family shortest to tallest,

  • Sort the silverware

  • Count silverware

  • Match up socks

  • How many steps do you take to get from one place in your home to another?

  • Go on a shape hunt around the house; what things can you find that are a circle, triangle, cylinder…

  • How many pillows do you have in your house? (you might be amazed!)

  • Play board games and puzzles

  • Count food pieces on dinner plate(peas, chicken nuggets, meatballs etc)

  • “Math in My House” Create a journal of items you can count in your house.(I counted ____ wheels, light switches, doors, windows, pictures etc.)

  • Collect objects around the house with pairs (2 tp tubes, 2 bottle caps, two blocks, two small books, two cups).

  • Play “I build/do, You build/do”, with a family member. Each person has a set of identical color/size objects. Set a visual divider between the two players. One player tells the other player how to arrange their objects without being able to see the other’s creation. Focus on describing words vs. naming the object. Focus on using position words in the directions.

  • Build a pattern with kitchen items/utensils (bowls, cups, spoons, forks).

  • Play “Race the Clock Sock Game”. Give your child a pile of unmatched socks. Set a timer. Have them race the clock and match the socks.


  • Draw a picture and dictate a letter to Milo and/or teachers and mail it to your school.

  • Letter crafts. Have children glue things onto the letter of the week. Pasta on the letter P…

  • Name building... On a series of paper squares have students will write the letters in their name and their families name (one letter per square). Students will build the names and put them in order of shortest to longest name. Student will identify which names have the most/least letters, how many more etc.

  • Create a journal of pictures and stories about your adventures at home

  • Students and families can make a list of rhyming words to go with the word family word. (All words that end with "ig", "ar", "it" etc...

  • Play “Build A Story”. Pick 3 things (a person, a place and a thing). Create a story with those 3 things. You can start with Once Upon a Time….

  • Read 3 books a day

  • Draw and write about your favorite thing to do in your room, in your yard and with your family.

  • Letter scavenger hunt-Find 5 things that start with “T”.

  • Cut up coupons, magazines, newspapers..

    • find all the letter “__” and cut them out to make a letter collage.

    • Find all the pictures in a magazine and cut them out to make an alphabet book.

Letter/Sound Actions

Enjoy practicing letter sounds!


  • Fine Motor activities

  • Place tape lines on the floor and drive cars on them. Make lines in shapes and letters.

  • How many times can you hop on one foot? Switch feet, how many times on the other foot? How far forward?

  • Tape string across a hallway at different heights and locations to create a web that they must navigate through. To make it harder, ask the children not to touch the string.

  • Go for a bike ride with your family.

  • Play Catch.

  • Play Freeze Tag

  • Go on a nature walk and collect nature objects.

  • YouTube: Cosmic Yoga

  • Cut out pictures from magazines and cut them up to make a rainbow.

  • Glue a picture to a paper and draw a picture around it.

  • Dance Party

  • Help with outside chores

  • Help with inside chores (push the laundry basket down the hallway)

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