The Dollhouse Murders

By Betty Ren Wright

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Amy is with some friends and her sister and Amy gets invited to a picnic but Amy said that she have to bring Louann so they say never mine and Amy gets in the car with her mom and they start to argue about how she always have to watch Louann so she runs away at her Aunt Clare house and found her in the attic and they talked for a little while it was time to go but Aunt Clare said that Amy could stay with her for a while and Amy said yes so she gets her stuff and stayed and she showed her a dollhouse that was Aunt Clare's when she was young and Aunt Clare told her a story about the dollhouse so it was time to go to bed and it was the next day and she tried to figure out who killed her grandparents at the library and Aunt Clare got mad at her because she didn't want her to know so she apologized to Amy and she talks about having a sleep over and Amy mom maid her a cake so they picked her up to get the cake so the party started and Louann showed up and Amy got mad at her mom for bringing her but she finally stopped and they went some where and Louann was invited so they came back and Aunt Clare was on the porch so she got mad at Amy because she figured out she moved the dolls around and she apologized and and then they figured out what her grandma was trying to tell them
The Dollhouse Murders


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they figured out about who killed her grandparents and they also figure out what her grandma was trying to tell her the whole time and she also gets to go home with her family and her and louann might start getting alone again but they also knew the name of the killer who killed there grandparents it was a person that did her garden work and he wanted to get paid for what he did