Volume 2 Issue 8

Going Google


Google Inside Search - shortcuts for your search box

Calculate anything

Enter any math equation into the search box and google will calculate your answer.

Try it out - Search “100*3.14-cos(83)=”

Get definitions

Put define: in front of any word to get its definition.

Try it out - Search “define: loquaciousness”

Search by file type

Search for specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, or XLS, by adding filetype: and the 3-letter file abbreviation. (ex: affordable health care act filetype:ppt)

Search within a specific site

Precede your query with site: if you know you want your answer from within a specific site or type of site (.org, .edu). For example: site:edu or site:nytimes.com.

(ex: Search “op-ed site:nytimes.com”)


App Launcher Customizer Extension

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPuyAPWF7LM

Now that Google has switched to the new grid style menu for accessing Apps, it may be a little more difficult to find the apps you are looking for. The App Launcher Customizer extension allows you to customize your App Launcher.

  1. Log into Google Chrome.

  2. Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/app-launcher-customizer-f/ponjkmladgjfjgllmhnkhgbgocdigcjm

  3. Click on ‘Free’ to install the app.

  4. Click on ‘Add’ to confirm the new extension.

  5. Close your Gmail and re-open it for the change to take effect.

  6. Now, when you click on the App Launcher from your Gmail, it should look like this:

  7. To customize your App Launcher, click on ‘Configure’

  8. A new window will open that allows you to customize the App Launcher. Drag the service you want from the left in ‘Available services’ to the right in ‘Your chosen services.’

9. Close your Gmail and re-open it again for the change to take effect.

10. You can also search for the service you are looking for so you do not have to scroll through.

11. Remove services you do not want by dragging them from the right to the left.


20 Google Search tips you need to try!

  1. Google's main search invisibly combines search terms with the Boolean construct "AND". When you enter smoke fire – it looks for smoke AND fire.

  2. To make Google search for smoke or fire, just type smoke OR fire

  3. Boolean connectors like AND and OR are case sensitive. They must be upper case.

  4. Search for a specific term, then one keyword OR another by grouping them with parentheses, like this: water (smoke OR fire)

  5. To look for phrases, put them in quotes: "there's no smoke without fire"

  6. Exclude specific key words with the minus operator. new pram -ebay excludes all results from eBay.

  7. Common words, like I, and, then and if are ignored by Google. These are called "stop words".

  8. The plus operator makes sure stop words are included. Like: fish +and chips

  9. If a stop word is included in a phrase between quote marks as a phrase, the word is searched for.

  10. You can also ask Google to fill in a blank. Try: Christopher Columbus discovered *

  11. Google recognises 13 main file types through advanced search, including all Microsoft Office Document types, Lotus, PostScript, Shockwave Flash and plain text files.

  12. Google has some very powerful, hidden search parameters, too. For example "intitle" only searches page titles. Try intitle:keyboard

  13. Use the site: modifier when searching a specific site. For example: alligator site:pics4learning.com

  14. Google's Safe Search protects you from explicit sexual content. You can choose to filter results more stringently or switch it off completely.

  15. You can set Google to open your search results in a new window.

  16. Want to see what others searched for each year? Go to www.google.com/zeitgeist

  17. See what the latest search items are at www.google.com/trends

  18. Feel like searching Google in Klingon? Go to www.google.com/intl/xx-klingon

  19. Type answer to life, the universe and everything into Google. You may be surprised by the result...

  20. You can also find out the number of horns on a unicorn