Years 5/6 Myuna Bay Excursion


Who. What When. Where. Why!

This year years 5 and six will be participating in an three day overnight excursion at Myuna Bay. They will be leaving on Monday March the 4.The excursion is promised to be a fun and educating excursion.

Myuna Bay Excursion

Monday, March 4th, 8pm to Thursday, March 7th, 3pm

Myuna Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Myuna Bay, NSW

  1. Students will be have to be at school at approximately 7:45am to get their names marked off. The buses will be leaving at 8:00am.
  2. We encourage you to pack early and not on the day. Make sure that you have all the things you need.Including toiletries,spare clothes,swimmers,2 towels,pyjamas,socks,undies sleeping bag or,pillow and pillow case more information will be on the note.
  3. You are permitted to bring electronic devices but at the camp we will keep the for safety. We encourage you not to bring them.
  4. We will be arriving back at school at approximately 3:00pm if you could please arrange for someone to pick your child up.


We are still unsure about what activities they are participating in but is has been confirmed that they will be going sailing. As for their meals they will be also be taking part in cooking their own meals.