Farmington View Friday Focus

October 12 - October 16

Weekly Calendar

Monday, October 12

7:30-11:30 Roger @ Minter Bridge for Principal PLC

1:00-1:30 STEM Meeting (Janet & Roger)

Tuesday, October 13

7:45-8:15 Roger meets with PTO President (Jennifer)

8:45-11:00 4th grade (Jill & Shelly) @ Jackson Bottom

2:15 Action Team

3:00-4:00 Leadership Team Meeting (Robin, Jill, Heather, Tracey, TimiSue & Roger)

Wednesday, October 14

8:45-11:15 5th grade (Christy) at Jackson Bottom

9:30-10:45 Roger subbing in Erin's classroom

2:00-3:15 Principal Directed Academic Seminar (SIOP & HSD Literacy Framework)

Thursday, October 15

8:45-11:15 5/6 (Danielle) at Jackson Bottom

10:15 Earthquake Drill

11:30-12:30 Care Team (Lisa, Jarrod, Kathy & Roger)

2:15-3:15 Booster Meeting

Friday, October 16

8:45-11:15 6th grade (Tracey) at Jackson Bottom

2:30-4:30 Roger @ AC to present Farmington View Data & ELL Plan

Nuts and Bolts

  • Licensed Staff Growth Goal Meetings: I will send out a google doc asking you to sign up for a time to review your two growth goals.
  • Please remember to have your (licensed staff) self-reflection completed by 10/16
  • Since we have several field trips coming up, please make sure your parent volunteers have completed their application and have been approved. You can check with Susan.
  • It's very important that students exit the lunchroom at their assigned time (11:25, 11:55 & 12:20) Between lunches, Reuter has to clean the cafeteria and Kathy needs to prepare for the next lunch. Running just a few minutes late reduces their time to prepare. Thank you!

Shout Outs

  • Not only does Reuter and Jacob keep our building in excellent condition, they are often called upon to support other schools.
  • Our duty staff (Heather, Sara, Sarah, Marcia, Alissa, Shay & Danielle) continue to take the initiative to find ways to make our recess and lunches more efficient and safe.
  • While informally assessing her students work, Christina stopped all of her students to explain the amount of detail needed for their work. Students quickly rose to the occasion and went deeper with their work.
  • If Janet's students complete an assignment early, she always has an extension for them to work on. This keeps their brains working.
Component 5: Interaction
Have a Great Weekend!