Important Islamic words


the unity and oneness of Allah.


Faith in Allah.

Khalifah: Custodian or steward of the world for Allah.

Al-Qadar: Allah's control of future events.

Risalah: Muslim belief about the Prophets of Allah.

Hadith: Sayings and actions of the Prophets Muhammad as recorded by his family and friends.

Sunnah: The sayings and deeds of the Prophet.

Bismillah: The words that begin every surah and in the name of Allah.

Qadi: A judge in Islamic Law.

Shari'ah: Islamic law based on the Qur'an and Sunnah

Ulema: Scholars of Islamic law and jurisprudence (the study of law)

Ummah: The worldwide Muslim community.

Masjid: Place of prostration

Imam: A person who leads salah prayers (5 compulsory daily prayers).

Sunni: Muslims who believe that the first 4 caliphs were rightly guided.

Shi'ah: Muslims who believe that the first 4 caliphs were rightly guided.

Shahadah: The declaration of faith in Allah and His Prophet.

Salah: The 5 daily prayers.

Wudu: The washing that must take place before salah.

Zakah: A tax which Muslims must pray for poor.

Ramadan: The 9th month when the Qur'an says all Muslims must fast.

Sawm: Fasting by going without food and drink during daylight hours.

Id-ul-Fitr: The festival of breaking the fast.

Hajj: The annual pilgrimage to Makkah.

Qiblah: The direction of the Ka'bah in Makkah.

Tawaf: Going round the Ka'bah 7 times in worship of Allah.

Arafat: A plain near Makkah where pilgrims confess their sins.

Id-ul-Adha: The festival of the sacrifice.

Halal: That which is permitted and lawful.

Haram: That which is forbidden or unlawful. (e.g. charging interest on a loan, Pre-marital sex and alcohol.

Greater jihad: Struggle to overcome evil in one's own life.

Lesser jihad: Struggle in the cause of Islam to overcome injustice in society.

Aqiqa: The birth ceremony for Muslim children

Madrasah: Qur'anic school attached to the mosque.

Janazah prayers: The special salah used at funerals.

Hijab: The headscarf worn by Muslim Women.

Riba: Any form of borrowing or lending money at interest.(This is haram)

Sadaqah: Voluntary payment of charity or good acts of charity.