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Stretch Marks Removal post Pregnancy

My experience with stretch marks after pregnancy encourage to help the other woman’s who are suffering from the same. I decided to know more about these, its best cure, its causes and all the other things that are related to it. I read each and every article, blog, review article press release regarding it. After gathering enough information about stretch marks I decided to help out other woman’s as well. I started by helping my cousin sister.

My sister is 16 weeks pregnant and according to me this is the time when the body weight of woman’s starts increasing. This is the time when stretch marks starts showing up on the skin surface. Stretch marks are caused due to tears that are caused on the inner layer of skin called dermis. These tears are visible on the upper skin layer in terms of stretch marks. The best to deal with stretch marks is by taking timely and proper care of them.

I explained the same thing to her also and further suggested her consulting doctor in order to guide her about the best stretch marks cream for her skin type. According to my knowledge the best to remove stretch marks is by applying a nice stretch marks cream. Natural or home remedies for stretch marks are also helpful but the time taken by them is huge. These home methods slowly rejuvenate the skin to improve the elasticity.

Stretch marks cream are far better than these natural methods and also surgical methods. Surgical methods are modern and time saving methods to deal with stretch marks. But the risks are more in surgical methods as compared to any other method of stretch mark removal. On my suggestion she consulted the doctor and after the discussion she also opted for the Dermology stretch marks cream.